I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be,
but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.
— Douglas Pagels

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Somebody dropped an anvil on my head, and other ramblings

I'm on the tail end (hopefully) of one of the worst headaches of my life. I have a lot of headaches, but this felt like something crash-landed on my head. My blood pressure rose, my entire upper body was screaming, and much despair was had. I'm still in a great deal of pain (level 9 if I have to use a pain scale), but currently upright, so I wanted to give some sort of an update.

This is George the resident rooster.
He's loud.
Pretty, but loud.
I thought he liked me, but he gave me the side-eye the other day
when I told him to stop eating the neighbor's flowers,
so I'm unsure. I'd like to think we're friends, but you'd have to ask him.
Did I mention he's a bit loud?

Most of my stretched canvases in the closet found a home.
May they encounter happy trees on their new journey.

This is what the diet is looking like these days.
Feel free to ignore the condiments. They're not getting used.
The noodles are Gastroparesis-approved,
but killing me in regards to Periodic Paralysis.
Therefore, I'm having to keep them at a minimum.
I'm still trying to eat solid food occasionally, with mixed results.
The best case scenario, it seems, is low-sodium, low-fiber soup.

This one is a pretty good example.
It's not the best-tasting stuff, but it's acceptable.

I can hardly express how happy I was with this dish.
Patagonian scallops, Gulf shrimp and crab, Icelandic cod,
Vidalia onion, and red and yellow peppers in a tomato broth.
It was beautiful. I will make it again someday, and add rice.

I'm still sick in bed till my misery subsides. I posted an absolutely awful video blog on Facebook (friends only) mirroring this post, but with a little more detail. Time to lie back down with my ice pack. Tomorrow, I'll try to look presentable enough to promote Red Nose Day. See you then.