I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be,
but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.
— Douglas Pagels

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Immigration and Refugee Support

I'm going to share a page from Charity Navigator that offers a list of non-profit organizations who are focused on immigrants and refugees.


Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows how I feel about these issues, and they know how I feel about what's currently happening to children and families on the border. I'm not going to elaborate here, as you are plenty informed if you are choosing to pay attention. I am supposed to avoid stress for health reasons, but that has been an impossible dream, especially since this country was taken over by racist, sexist, fascist supervillains. If you support them, you're one of them, and the only hope lies in your eventual eradication. If what's happening to innocent children at this moment doesn't matter to you, your soul is dead. Nothing I say here will change the heart of a monster. 

My opinion is that you either believe in equal human rights, or you're a terrible human. And frankly, I'm tired of being surrounded by terrible humans. I will remain aware, and do what is within my control to stop them.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

My Feelings Since Turning 40, and Other Confessions

My friend across the pond gifted me with another fun coffee mug. It's beautiful, and it gave me a good laugh. We met through our journals back when we were both married, and she's now the proud mom of eight (!!!!!!!!) lovely children. She has been a dear friend to me all of these years in spite of the distance between us (darn geography)! We both still participate in writing adventures, including NaNoWriMo. I think writers are unique in that any experience or conversation we encounter has the potential to turn into a fiction plot or dialogue if we think about it long and hard enough, so the mug is hilariously appropriate (or inappropriate, if you choose to see it that way). :-)

That said, don't panic! As open as I seem to be with my life, there are things that I still do not share, at least not publicly:

I may bring them up occasionally, but I don't usually talk about loved ones in detail. I do share a few photos every once in a while. Sometimes, I go back and remove them months later just because I don't want them floating in cyberspace forever or getting downloaded by weirdos (yes, I have an app that lets me see when photos here have been downloaded). Anyway, things have been fine on the blog lately where that is concerned, so no worries.

I haven't elaborated on my experience with neglect, religious abuse, or sexual battery even though I have briefly mentioned that it occurred. I have a right to talk about it if I want to, but I haven't wanted to. If I do go through with publishing a memoir someday, it won't be in my real name. I am a heavy blogger, but I am surprisingly bashful in person. My anxious introversion is strong.

Some things I would never (!) make public without permission are private conversations or relationships - yours or mine. Doing so would cross an invisible boundary of respect. Mind you, I haven't dated or otherwise been in any intimate relationships since this blog has existed, but if I ever am, you won't know it (without their direct consent, that is). Like I recently told my Facebook friends: as long as it doesn't impose on other peoples' privacy, I will consider talking about whatever they are interested in knowing, and probably a lot they couldn't care less about too. Spoiler alert: I'm not terribly interesting. I'm rather boring most of the time, and average in nearly all aspects. Feel free to be my pal anyway. :-)

I used to not share my full name or location, but I've given up on that since this is the internet and everything is on the internet. I recently decided that I might as well embrace my rich, intricate genealogy and my swampy, impoverished homestead by showing it to whoever cares.

I feel a bit changed since turning forty. It's only a number, but it is almost as if the wind has shifted, and it's pushing me in a different direction ever so slightly. It's barely noticeable, yet it's impossible to ignore. I don't know what life will bring. I do my best to take one day at a time. I'm forever analyzing my behavior, though, and over the last several months, I've noted the following:

I sleep like a starfish.

I used to curl up in a ball on the edge of the bed. Now, I wake up like this:
Oh look! EuropeanBedding.sg says I'm a good listener. LOL

Perhaps my chronic pain is to blame, but my sleeping position transformed from "fetal" to "stretched out and flailing all over the place". Sometimes my head is at the foot of the bed and my feet are at the head. Sometimes I lie sideways and my feet dangle off of the side. Sometimes I cross my legs (always a mistake) and I fight with my own arms (where are the stupid things supposed to go anyway?) It has been a strange and fascinating change. Mostly strange.

Good thing I'm single? I mean, I can only imagine the poor guy would be kung-fu'ed to death by morning.

I will give up salsa when it is pried from my cold, dead hands.

Despite how badly digestive paralysis has plagued me this year, I cannot give up salsa. I tried, y'all. I tried and I failed miserably. I don't care if I have to eat it with a spoon, serve it on a Saltine cracker, or drink it out of a teacup. Salsa is my lover. Somebody call Rick Astley.
Never gonna give you up.
Never gonna let you down.
Never gonna stop
Eating salsa.

Pants have become overrated. I've never been comfortable with my body, and I have always been awkwardly modest. Now I'm suddenly fed up with clothing. I'll sleep in my birthday suit or wash dishes without pants on. I don't even care anymore.

I don't like shopping. Give me libraries. Give me museums. Give me food trucks, family-friendly festivals, and football games. Give me thoughtful conversation at a coffee shop, a slow night at home listening to music, or a fantastic bowl of soup in a cozy restaurant.

We'll probably have a nice time.

But do not make me go shopping if you value my sanity.

Since I lost weight, I was needing to be fitted for a new bra, as my back and shoulders were in agony. I had never been professionally fitted before, and was nervous about my chest being touched because I have a tendency to panic (no matter who is touching, yes I need therapy, no I'm not ashamed). At any rate, the fitter handled my boobs and it wasn't a problem. Good news, I think.

If you have chronic pain and bras are a nightmare for you like they are for me, this is the one I recommend trying on. I think the model number is at the bottom of the label there. If you take the pic to Dillard's, I'm sure their certified fitter will know which one it is. It's sadly expensive. Best of luck, ladies.

Because of anxiety, I interrupt people. Occasionally, I even answer yes when I don't mean yes and no when I don't mean no. Sometimes, I am absolutely obnoxious because all I can think about is getting away from wherever I am. It is rarely about the other person. In fact, some people I've done this to have been very lovely, and I would give anything to fix me and start the conversation over with them. This is the number one thing I want to change about myself.

I reopened my Facebook to public only because someone said they were worried about me. My settings are still tight otherwise. I have hundreds of locked photo albums and read very few posts. Interactions occur when I either specifically check on someone or they comment on my statuses. Social media is a turbulent place, especially with all that's going on in the world at the moment. I'm doing what I have to do to keep it together. By it, I mean my head. Be well, Internet.

I finally resolved my lifelong shower curtain issue.

Some people don't like dark closets. Other people think about monsters under the bed. Some hate clowns. Others hate socks. Me? I have cringed over shower curtains since early childhood. Don't ask me why, because I don't know why, but I simply cannot stand them touching me or being close to me at all. Last week, I finally invested in a curved shower rod and reinstalled my late MawMaw's frilly curtain. It's a miracle that I didn't break my neck, but success! It is no longer close enough to harass me in the shower. Yay!

Ableism is frustrating, but unless you're being condescending or willfully obtuse, I'm going to be forgiving. I realize that many people don't understand ableism because it's not something they personally face or are being educated on. If your heart is in the right place, just know that I'm not mad at you. I'm only mad at the situation. Please understand how important that difference is.

I'm feeling a little lonely. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Painful, sure, but it's a part of the human condition. Surprise! I'm normal.

I'm not actively seeking a solution at this time. It's simply an observation. My life is complicated, and so are people. I've experienced a lot of social changes since my condition took a nosedive in 2011, and many more for valid political, moral, and religious reasons. A few have gotten married and are living new and busy lives. Some have moved away, or are planning to. A couple of friends have also died over the last year, including my one close friend in SoMo. All of the above has been challenging to process. I feel like I'm decent friend material, but my limitations don't make it easy. Managing my illnesses is more than a full-time job; it's 24/7/365. I don't get a break. Sometimes I get to go places and do things. Sometimes it's not possible. Often, I have to make choices that people don't understand because they don't live in my unpredictable body. Some people feel more comfortable making assumptions and passing judgment than effectively and respectfully communicating. Friendship is a two-way street, and a real friendship is like any other relationship. It takes work. We unfortunately live in a "fast food society" where empathy, selflessness, and genuine effort are fading.

I've always been an introvert, and I've never cared for dating. I am notoriously fair. I am the type of person that if I can't put in an adequate amount of work (not just in relationships, but anything at all), I'll opt out for their sake. I am not materialistic in the least, but my illness makes me high maintenance, and that's not my fault. Regardless, I don't know a single man who is kind and patient enough to take on my messy existence with enough effort and understanding to make it a safe and reasonable decision. As much as I'd like to operate as an abled person, the reality is that I never will. All I can do is the best I can in my less-functional state, but is that enough? I seriously doubt it. PTSD and anxiety are also factors that should not be disregarded. And I also, like everyone else, have strong opinions about important things. So yes, I have standards. Everyone should. After the life I've had, I cannot allow my health and safety to be compromised. I've been through enough. I would be honored to have coffee and conversation, but anything beyond platonic companionship would require therapy that I will never be able to afford.

So in summary, I repeat: my life is complicated, and so are people. Living with chronic illness in a world not designed for it is isolating. I do my best to be as independent as possible, and I am more than happy to live alone, but I don't always want to be alone. That's just how it's turned out.

In conclusion, I am OK. Sometimes I'm not OK, but it's OK to not be OK sometimes.

C'est la vie.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Help For Guatemala and Puerto Rico

Guatemala is currently suffering from an eruption of Volcán de Fuego. Charity Navigator suggests giving to the following organizations who are there providing emergency services:

International Relief Teams https://www.irteams.org/

Global Giving https://www.globalgiving.org/

Catholic Relief https://www.crs.org/

Children's Hunger Fund http://childrenshungerfund.org/

World Vision https://www.worldvision.org/

Save The Children is also on site. Thanks to musician Enrique Iglesias for the heads up on that.

The situation in Puerto Rico continues to be devastating and infuriating. Our government has committed an unforgivable act in insulting and turning its back on our fellow U.S. citizens. These organizations are on the ground trying to help. Please consider:

http://dayglowmusic.org/dayglow-relief/ - They are personally flying in supplies.

https://www.google.org/crisis/puertorico-relief/ - Google is currently matching donations, which are being split between the following:



If you can't give, you can always help but spreading the word. Thanks for thinking of others in their time of need.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Noses On! It's Red Nose Day!

Today is Red Nose Day in the USA! Red Nose Day is a charity campaign started by Comic Relief, Inc in hopes of doing some good. I'm not very funny, and I don't have much money, but I can still do my part by wearing my red nose and spreading the word. That's the whole point behind ugottafriend.com, after all. In spite of my circumstances and limitations, I want to be a friend to the world in whatever way I can.

You can help! Red noses are a dollar at Walgreens and other participating locations. They are one size fits all. Trust me. If it fits my gargantuan French nose, it'll fit anybody's. :-P

Without further ado:

Red Nose Day is at http://www.rednoseday.org.

This year, they are supporting the following charities:

Feeding America is the nation's most prominent food bank distribution organization. They have a near-perfect rating on Charity Navigator.

Charity:Water is a fantastic organization based in New York who builds water wells all over the world to areas in great need. I have been following and promoting them for years.

Unidos is a human rights organization that focuses on Latino-Americans.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America give young people a safe place to go when they are not in school. They have programs all over the United States.

I think everyone has heard of Save The Children. They've been around for decades assisting children in need all over the world.

Covenant House tackles the hard issues of homelessness and human trafficking without discrimination of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

The Global Fund is committed to saving people's lives around the world by providing access to treatment for three communicable diseases: Malaria, Tuberculosis, and AIDS.

The Children's Health Fund advocates for children's health care access whenever and wherever it is needed.

Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance is a global organization which collaborates with other organizations to bring life-saving vaccines to nations in peril.

You can find some of these charities rated on Charity Navigator here:

I think the good work that these organizations do speaks for itself.
Together, we can help make the world better. Let's do what we can.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Somebody dropped an anvil on my head, and other ramblings

I'm on the tail end (hopefully) of one of the worst headaches of my life. I have a lot of headaches, but this felt like something crash-landed on my head. My blood pressure rose, my entire upper body was screaming, and much despair was had. I'm still in a great deal of pain (level 9 if I have to use a pain scale), but currently upright, so I wanted to give some sort of an update.

This is George the resident rooster.
He's loud.
Pretty, but loud.
I thought he liked me, but he gave me the side-eye the other day
when I told him to stop eating the neighbor's flowers,
so I'm unsure. I'd like to think we're friends, but you'd have to ask him.
Did I mention he's a bit loud?

Most of my stretched canvases in the closet found a home.
May they encounter happy trees on their new journey.

This is what the diet is looking like these days.
Feel free to ignore the condiments. They're not getting used.
The noodles are Gastroparesis-approved,
but killing me in regards to Periodic Paralysis.
Therefore, I'm having to keep them at a minimum.
I'm still trying to eat solid food occasionally, with mixed results.
The best case scenario, it seems, is low-sodium, low-fiber soup.

This one is a pretty good example.
It's not the best-tasting stuff, but it's acceptable.

I can hardly express how happy I was with this dish.
Patagonian scallops, Gulf shrimp and crab, Icelandic cod,
Vidalia onion, and red and yellow peppers in a tomato broth.
It was beautiful. I will make it again someday, and add rice.

I'm still sick in bed till my misery subsides. I posted an absolutely awful video blog on Facebook (friends only) mirroring this post, but with a little more detail. Time to lie back down with my ice pack. Tomorrow, I'll try to look presentable enough to promote Red Nose Day. See you then.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Amateur Cosplay Photoshoot

Don't let my giant glowing face hurt your eyes, ha.

This is a mild example of Victorian Science-Fiction, aka Steampunk. My face and neck are metallic thanks to a cover of Jacquard Pearl-Ex Powder (Interference Gold and Super Bronze, if you care). I'm wearing a corset belt (It is extremely loose! Heaven knows I can't have anything actually pressing into my painful torso). I'm wearing Steampunk goggles on my soft bowler hat, a compass around my neck, and a long Roman numeral timepiece that opens like a locket (I love that thing). The skirt and blouse are thrift store finds from last year. The jacket is from my days as a paralegal in...drum roll please...2004! The shoes are an old pair of Dr. Scholl's, and are falling apart so badly that I have to glue them back together every time I wear them. This is what is known as closet cosplay. It's not the best costume by any means, but it works!

Sadly missing: gears attached to the side of my face. I couldn't find them in my storage room, so that's a pretty big part of the costume that I was unable to use. I also left my binoculars at home, and I did have my walking cane in the last two pics but the amateur photographer who shall not be named cropped it out. I intended for the cane to show, but I didn't complain.

I am very weak and exhausted, but I had a lot of fun dressing up for impromptu photos and I appreciate the free photo shoot! I am headed toward a dose of effervescent potassium, a hot shower, a bowl of soup, and my bed.

Bonsoir mes amis!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May so far (in pictures and videos)

I've never looked more nerdy in my entire life.
I'm so proud. :-)

I put on my Henchwoman gear and attended Free Comic Book Day for a whopping 23 minutes. I obtained 22 new comics, which will be sent to my nieces after I read them (we are all geeks in this family, even the babies). My balance was terrible to the point that I fell into the guy behind me and stepped on his foot. I apologized profusely, and all was well again. It's frustrating, though. I had a hard time getting around, so I picked up my comics and went back home to rest for several hours.

After a little while, I decided to go for another drive, and I found a fair! 

I love classic cars.

Basic white girl alert!
I got rained on, but it was so warm outside, I didn't care.
I was resting in the walker seat watching the fair rides.
I obviously don't like having to use one, but thank God for it.
I wouldn't be able to do more than half of what I do without it.
Side note: I see the scar on my lip is alive and well.
Additional side note: I need a tan. Desperately.

This dog was SO PRECIOUS.

Fun fact: riding a hot air balloon is on my bucket list.

I watched a couple of frisbee dog shows, a few fair rides that brought back memories of my elementary school days, some hot air balloons, and a super fun concert by a cosplaying 80s cover band. It was all free, and I was able to access nearly the entire location on my rolling walker.

Some of the following vids are very loud. Consider yourself warned.

They are so fun, you guys. I obnoxiously sang along with them during the whole show.

"Let's get ready to screeeeeeeam!" This brings back memories for sure. It was my favorite fair ride in elementary school. I couldn't ride anything anymore by the time I was in 7th grade due to chronic pain and HKPP.

Sorry for the vertical video. I'm bad at this. They didn't have this particular ride at the fair when I was a kid, but I enjoyed watching it and I would ride the absolute heck out of it if I could. :-)

All of these wonderful dogs are rescues. Visit them at K9Frisbee.com!

I unfortunately ended up in the emergency room again after this with a major bout of Gastroparesis. It was a pretty terrible end to an otherwise semi-functional day. I have no photos for this unless you want to see that stupid medical bracelet again. (Of course you don't.)

What I can share is that my meds were increased to the max dosage, and I am cautiously stating that I have safely achieved a stage 2 diet. It is a rocky road, still, and the medication is very harsh on my system. Very. There are days that I simply can't handle it and I have to back off of the meds. Regardless of how things are going, I am in constant pain, sometimes up to a 9 on the pain scale (I dislike the "pain scale" that is used at every medical facility I go to, but I digress). The diet is messing with my HKPP, so I am having some issues with episodes and generalized muscle weakness, but I'm dealing with it as best as I can. For now, the rapid weight loss has halted, which was the immediate goal. My next goal is to figure out some kind of balance between treatment for Gastroparesis and HKPP in order to function as well as possible. I don't know how I'll manage it, to be honest, but I'm too stubborn not to figure it out.

I wish my daily life wasn't so...harsh. I keep using that word, but it's the only one I can think of. I could use more gentleness in my life. That is for sure.

I don't want to end this post on a downer like systemic disease, so last, and definitely not least, my older brother took me to a soccer game!!!

I am so excited that Mobile has a minor league team now. The stadium is very handicapped accessible, so the walker and I got around it with no problems and I didn't even have to walk much. The designated parking places are darn near on the field they're so close, ha. I'm so glad it worked out for me to attend, and I can't wait to go again when I feel like it. Thanks to my bro for a night out.

I can't believe we're only halfway through this crazy month. As rough as things have been, I'm thankful to have had at least a few moments worth sharing on the blog.

Talk to you later, friends.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Purpose, Realism, and the Rarest of Photographs

I don't remember the year. My best guess is 2004. If so, I had recovered from surgery earlier in the year, was working as a paralegal and saving up to petition the court to locate my ex so I could get a divorce. It's definitely Christmas, and we were having dinner with my wonderful grandmother who was suffering from Alzheimer's. I'm sure Mom's sister asked us to pose for the picture. She was always taking pictures and sending copies to everyone. It's the only photo taken with Mom in my adult life. I am happy to have something to hold onto that shows us together seemingly normal, at least, although there wasn't anything normal about life with her.

Mother's Day is never an easy day. I think of her with an equal measure of love and pain. I'll always care that she tried to be a parent for awhile, and I'll hopefully always remember any good time we had. I'll always hurt that she turned on me, and I'll always grieve because she gave up. There's nothing to be done now but attempt to process the experience, and move forward. I'm trying.

As for my own lack of motherhood, I have good days and bad days. I think anyone who follows me on social media or reads this blog on a regular basis is aware of that. Some days, I'm relieved I didn't have kids because of my inadequacies, which are many. Other days, I feel robbed and wish I could start life over again or rewind time and simply choose not to be born at all. But I would like to think I have a purpose in this world. I grew up talking about purpose as the anchor in my life; the one thing that kept me going. I can't help but question at times if my faith in believing I had a purpose was all in vain. I've discovered that trading faulty idealism for sobering realism comes at a price. I know it's the right thing to do, but that doesn't make it easy. In fact, it has been downright excruciating on many occasions. Sometimes, this all seems pretty senseless.

Thankfully, I'm aware that grief comes in waves, emotions are allowed, and depression is a liar. The best thing I can do for myself is acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with how I'm feeling about any of this. It's all a part of life's process. It's what I would tell anyone I encounter who is going through the same thing...IT IS OK. Take a deep breath, let it come, and let it go. Just don't drown.

I didn't plan this, but I'm reminded of a song by Of Monsters and Men:

Swallowed by a vicious vengeful sea
Darker days are raining over me
In the deepest depths I lost myself
I see myself through someone else

Grace is a gift that I love to give, but, as usual, I struggle to offer it to myself. Perhaps I can learn to. And concerning a purpose, maybe someone else can enlighten me. I'm open to suggestions.

I hope you're resting in peace, Mom. In spite of everything, I know your suffering was undeserved.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

You're not going to believe who I saw today

IT'S MIDORI!!!!!!!

I'm honestly in shock. I was in a random parking lot running an errand, looked over, and said "Oh my God it's my car!" The Penzey's bumper sticker is still on it and everything. It was either at the salon or the title loan shop (I was at neither of these places, for the record), but I saw no sign of the owner since I didn't go into either place. I wouldn't have bothered them about registration in person anyway. I did start to write a note to put in the vehicle, but decided against that too. So I snapped a shot of the car and it's new license plate, and went to the DMV. They were able to confirm that the car was finally registered out of my name 7 days ago. I AM SO RELIEVED.

Midori looked to be in pretty good shape. They had to have rebuilt or replaced the engine, and worked on a few other things, but it was nice to see her on the road again. What are the odds of running into the car in a county of 415,000 people? Had I not seen it, I would have never known what happened and might have carried the worry far longer than necessary.

Maybe the universe doesn't hate me after all.

Monday, May 7, 2018

This has gotten old fast (a Gastroparesis update).

I'm home and medicating with the phenergan that my local doctor prescribed. I guess I should have been taking it to begin with, but it messes with my HKPP so I avoid it unless I'm to the point of unbearable nausea. In this case, it happened too quickly to consider the meds. I was fine at 11pm, and sick by 12:45am. I vomited so much for so long, I lost my voice. As soon as I was able to balance on my legs again, I drove to the dreaded ER.

I complained about being cold so often, they pushed a bag of fluids into me and sent me out the door in 2.5 hours. I couldn't leave fast enough. No pillow, no blanket, just my shivering, purging body in a gown hooked to a sodium IV, which did my HKPP no favors. I'm convinced I'll never receive potassium at the ER again. I tell them I have a history of Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis, but with serum potassium above 3.3, they won't even consider it. So frustrating. I'm safer at home.

So here I am. I'm doing a lot better today after sleeping most of yesterday. I drank some soup broth, ate water crackers, cleaned the kitchen, had a great mango smoothie, and now I'm back in bed uploading an audiobook (The Tell-Tale Brain, if you're curious).

I did have a decent 12 hour window of function before all of this madness occurred. I did not take it for granted. I'll share the shenanigans in a photo-heavy post soon. For now, I must rest.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

A quick Gastroparesis update

I've tried solid food (this is referred to as Stage 3) for the last several days with my increased medication, which was supposed to allow me to resume a reasonable diet. It somewhat worked for about a day and a half, then stopped working completely. I'm pretty much back to the drawing board as of this evening, in total misery trying to stay out of the ER.

I guess my goal at this point is to try to achieve a combination diet of Stage 1 and Stage 2. This involves liquids and very soft solids with no fiber whatsoever. All meat and vegetables are out until further notice, even low-fiber items like iceberg lettuce, which had me doubled over the other day.

I miss cooking (and eating, naturally), and after all of these years, I still miss Planet Fitness (I cried when I had to give up my membership in 2007 due to HKPP). I want to be able to eat healthy and exercise, but my body refuses to allow it and makes my life a living hell for trying. I'm disheartened and feeling defeated right now.

It's hard to feel hopeful, but I cannot and will not give up.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

OK I screwed up. Here's what's happening with the blog...

A little heads up to my subscribers: you're probably going to see a lot of weirdness with blog posts tonight. I didn't realize what was happening until I had republished a dozen posts from 2008, and unfortunately they appeared as brand new posts. EPIC FAIL. I've rehidden them for now, but if you received notifications for all of that madness, I sorely apologize.

I didn't realize my blogs (this and Fighting HKPP) mattered much. It turns out a lot of older posts were still being read, and a few people weren't happy when the majority of my content was put under lock and key. Sorry. I just didn't think it was worth anything anymore.

Both of the blogs are under renovation, so a lot of posts are coming back soon. I'm even getting a couple of folks to create new headers, which should be fun. I'm trying to figure out which photos I want to include. The current ones here on My Roller Coaster Life are 10 years old now. Hard to believe I've been on Blogger nearly a decade.

I'll let you know when things are back to quasi-normal. You know me. Things are bound to stay at least a little weird. ;) You're all great. I mean it.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The end of April (in pictures)

Almost at the Camp NaNoWriMo finish line.

I received a couple of pics recently. My nephew likes his Christmas gift. :-)

My big brother (not pictured) turned 44, and my little bro (pictured) turned the big 3-0 this week. I used to change that boy's diapers, and now he has his own adorable family. Hard to believe we've gotten so old. We are a lot alike in spite of not growing up in the same household. I hope to make a road trip to visit the fam in August.

I've been so ill, but one of my favorite voice actors was in town holding a panel at an anime festival, so I went to meet her. I couldn't take a photo with her because they were $40 (!), but I'm glad I went. Fun fact: I've had an interest in radio and voice acting since childhood. My parents were both animated people when they wanted to be, especially my mom whose voice impressions were pretty hilarious. I guess I got it from her. Just one of my many (MANY! Dear God, there are SO MANY) quirks. :-) At any rate, I surprised myself by being brave enough to do my "Team Rocket Jessie" voice in front of the actor, and she said "oh that was really good...no really, that was very good". So that was fun. I didn't stay long. I was in a lot of pain, so I bought a couple of bookmarks from a local artist and went back home to bed.

Last, but definitely not least, I received this gift from my dear friend Alice in England. I always joke about having "resting Grumpy Cat face", so it honestly couldn't be more perfect. (Disclaimer: I don't dislike people. Really I don't. Mornings, however, are another story. LOL)

I'll stop there for now, but a health update is coming soon. Thanks always for being here.