I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be,
but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.
— Douglas Pagels

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May so far (in pictures and videos)

I've never looked more nerdy in my entire life.
I'm so proud. :-)

I put on my Henchwoman gear and attended Free Comic Book Day for a whopping 23 minutes. I obtained 22 new comics, which will be sent to my nieces after I read them (we are all geeks in this family, even the babies). My balance was terrible to the point that I fell into the guy behind me and stepped on his foot. I apologized profusely, and all was well again. It's frustrating, though. I had a hard time getting around, so I picked up my comics and went back home to rest for several hours.

After a little while, I decided to go for another drive, and I found a fair! 

I love classic cars.

Basic white girl alert!
I got rained on, but it was so warm outside, I didn't care.
I was resting in the walker seat watching the fair rides.
I obviously don't like having to use one, but thank God for it.
I wouldn't be able to do more than half of what I do without it.
Side note: I see the scar on my lip is alive and well.
Additional side note: I need a tan. Desperately.

This dog was SO PRECIOUS.

Fun fact: riding a hot air balloon is on my bucket list.

I watched a couple of frisbee dog shows, a few fair rides that brought back memories of my elementary school days, some hot air balloons, and a super fun concert by a cosplaying 80s cover band. It was all free, and I was able to access nearly the entire location on my rolling walker.

Some of the following vids are very loud. Consider yourself warned.

They are so fun, you guys. I obnoxiously sang along with them during the whole show.

"Let's get ready to screeeeeeeam!" This brings back memories for sure. It was my favorite fair ride in elementary school. I couldn't ride anything anymore by the time I was in 7th grade due to chronic pain and HKPP.

Sorry for the vertical video. I'm bad at this. They didn't have this particular ride at the fair when I was a kid, but I enjoyed watching it and I would ride the absolute heck out of it if I could. :-)

All of these wonderful dogs are rescues. Visit them at K9Frisbee.com!

I unfortunately ended up in the emergency room again after this with a major bout of Gastroparesis. It was a pretty terrible end to an otherwise semi-functional day. I have no photos for this unless you want to see that stupid medical bracelet again. (Of course you don't.)

What I can share is that my meds were increased to the max dosage, and I am cautiously stating that I have safely achieved a stage 2 diet. It is a rocky road, still, and the medication is very harsh on my system. Very. There are days that I simply can't handle it and I have to back off of the meds. Regardless of how things are going, I am in constant pain, sometimes up to a 9 on the pain scale (I dislike the "pain scale" that is used at every medical facility I go to, but I digress). The diet is messing with my HKPP, so I am having some issues with episodes and generalized muscle weakness, but I'm dealing with it as best as I can. For now, the rapid weight loss has halted, which was the immediate goal. My next goal is to figure out some kind of balance between treatment for Gastroparesis and HKPP in order to function as well as possible. I don't know how I'll manage it, to be honest, but I'm too stubborn not to figure it out.

I wish my daily life wasn't so...harsh. I keep using that word, but it's the only one I can think of. I could use more gentleness in my life. That is for sure.

I don't want to end this post on a downer like systemic disease, so last, and definitely not least, my older brother took me to a soccer game!!!

I am so excited that Mobile has a minor league team now. The stadium is very handicapped accessible, so the walker and I got around it with no problems and I didn't even have to walk much. The designated parking places are darn near on the field they're so close, ha. I'm so glad it worked out for me to attend, and I can't wait to go again when I feel like it. Thanks to my bro for a night out.

I can't believe we're only halfway through this crazy month. As rough as things have been, I'm thankful to have had at least a few moments worth sharing on the blog.

Talk to you later, friends.