I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be,
but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.
— Douglas Pagels

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Looking back at "Looking Ahead" - July 2018

I have decided to occasionally review my goals throughout the year to see where I'm at. These posts are going to be very, very boring. Let's face it, most of my blog is, but it is how I process and address things (and because I'm now old and forgetful, it's how I remember things, too).

Anyway, I posted these plans in April. I'm going through a rough patch with my health and finances, but I've found that it's really important for me to continue to make plans and goals, and note what I've accomplished. Sometimes, it's the one thing that helps me to crawl out of a dark corner.

I haven't been able to join any memberships yet for financial reasons, but I intend to buy a Bellingrath Gardens membership for Christmas. I am also considering becoming a member of the Southeastern Museums Conference. For a small annual fee, I will have free admission to Mobile Museum of Art, History Museum of Mobile, Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art, Alexandria Museum of Art, Pensacola Lighthouse, Mississippi Museum of Art, and over 120 others in my region. If I attend five exhibits a year, I come out ahead cost-wise.

I hope to feel like rolling (literally, on the walker) through Mobile Museum of Art this Thursday to see the Cuban exhibit before it closes at the end of the week. Admission is free that day, which is certainly helpful.

I've bookmarked the updated schedule for the Mobile Symphony. It looks like it'll be early 2019 before I consider attending. Before then, I'll talk to the Saenger Theater about handicapped access. The shows aren't expensive, so I should be able to go at least once.

I didn't go see the new Star Wars (called Solo, which I assume is about Han Solo's life), but my brother made me watch Avengers Infinity War while I was in Louisiana. It was so depressing! I'm glad I didn't pay for a ticket to see that, although I realize it's important to the overall plot based on the comic books. My bro is the one who got me started on this stuff to begin with, so he tries to make sure I'm caught up when I go over there. Side Note: My favorite Avenger is Thor.

I visited the Gulf Coast Explorium a couple of months ago, but they didn't have the IMAX films I wanted to see. I will check back again when I have the funds to drive over there. It could be a few months.

As I mentioned here, I attended Free Comic Book Day, although I was there only a few minutes due to crowd and mobility issues.

I have neither continued my genealogy blog nor created a spreadsheet for my card collections. I should probably get on this soon. I did reopen my medical blog, reluctantly.

I reached my Goodreads goal, but I'm still in the middle of a few more books, and I intend to finish them before the end of the year. I am not working on the novel at this time, and I opted out of Camp NaNoWriMo in July. I didn't feel like participating for a variety of reasons.

I've bookmarked free tutorials to the four languages I'm interested in. I'll try to focus on this in 2019 (and beyond, I'm sure). I feel like I have other things that need to be addressed first, such as unfinished art and completing my minimalism goals. Pretty much everything I do takes a longer time than average, in spite of pushing myself. I'm tired, but still trying.

I've started watching documentaries on NF (thanks to my niece for letting me borrow), including:
Planet Earth

Planet Earth is a long series, so it's taking some time to get through. It is both beautiful and terrible, so needless to say, it's an accurate look at wildlife, world culture, and best of all, Geography.

NF has a decent selection, and there is a lot more that I plan to watch. For now, I'm catching up on Voltron because I'm a giant child and feel the need to stay in the loop with my fam. I'll take common ground wherever I can find it. The writers and producers have done a great job with the series. I grew up watching the original, terribly sexist version in the early-mid 80s. The new series is a vast improvement, thankfully.

Other than the plans I made in April, I watched the World Cup and attended a few local minor league soccer games. It turns out I have a difficult time staying upright on bleachers due to muscle weakness, so I am going to have to find a way to manage this before next season. I don't know if it will be as simple as a back brace and better seat cushion, but I think I'm going to give that a try. It's frustrating to not be able to do basic things like sit up straight. Even now, I'm slumped over on the couch typing this, propped up on a large pillow. This is my daily life, and I don't know if there's a real solution.

I told you this would be boring. Here are a few photos as compensation:

Watching the World Cup on my laptop.
Well hello there, Coach Southgate. :-)

A local game is just getting started.
Someone took this pic and posted it on social media.
I'm in it, so I swiped it. You can find me in yellow.
It's the ugottafriend dot com version of Where's Waldo.

If it wasn't obvious, we were so not winning. Ha!

Mobile Azalea Trail Maids were there to cheer on the team.
My sister was a lavender Maid many years ago.
If you're unfamiliar, they are honor students who do volunteer 
work and make appearances at local and national events.

I do have photos to share of the few places I've been over the last couple of months. The problem is that they're on my tablet, and my tablet doesn't want to connect to my phone's hot spot. I will eventually make my way to a library or other public Wi-Fi to get them uploaded.

Health updates and more coming in August. Talk to you then.