Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Final dollar store grocery blog (probably)

The original vid is here. There are other posts in the archive in the sidebar also.

It took me a while, I realize, but I wanted to wrap up my dollar tree grocery review.

I forgot to take a photo of the ham, beans, and peas that I turned into a meal, but anyway: the ham is ok, it's just plain 'ol cooked deli ham. The beans and peas, which are Margaret Holmes brand, were a bit plain other than a ton of black pepper. They weren't bad, but if you buy their seasoned varieties, you had better like black pepper, and a lot of it. I think with a bit of rinsing, and cooking in a crock pot with ham or bacon in some sort of broth would make them great. I don't plan to try that anytime soon, since my digestive system is no longer tolerating legumes. But do give them a try if you need a cheap meal. I'm confident they would go well in soups.

The green beans were freezer-burned, and the snap peas I bought later on were also. This stuff may be partially thawing during shipping and being refrozen. I have no proof of that, but I think that's what's happening. I do feel that it is not the norm for Green Giant products.

(I borrowed a stock photo from Jennie.)

The turkey burger and the bacon are still in the freezer. I'll get to them eventually, but I don't expect them to be anything to write about. If they end up being notable in some way, I'll share.

The fries are good, and I've purchased more since then. I like to bake them until crispy. The white potato fries are equally good and crisp from the oven. I'd compare the taste of the white potato fries to Lay's potato chips.

All of the frozen boxed sticks, cheese sticks, peppers, and especially the mushrooms...disgusting. The mushrooms were horrifying, in fact. The photo on the box is nowhere near what they looked like inside the box. They looked like I dug a handful of dirty mollusks out of the bayou. Holy cow. I should have taken a photo, but I didn't because I'm a failure at reviews.

I've concluded that dollar store grocery blogs really aren't my thing (nor is photography or videos, for that matter). Since it was something I needed to do to get by, I wanted to share about the experience. These days, I'm grateful to have protein drinks in the fridge and access to cheap tacos.