Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dollar Store Grocery Review #1

If you want this post to make sense, you'll have to watch the vlog first.

The milk gets an A for tasting no different in my cereal than any other milk does. Mind you, I don't drink it straight, so I can't give my input on that. But I'll definitely be buying it for cereal from now on.

The cereal is a B for blandness. I actually like bland cereals (Chex, Kix, etc) and don't mind eating it. It's not something I will set out to search for in a store, but it's edible. The caramel flavor is a little on the stale side, if I must be critical.

I think most folks are familiar with this stuff, since it's sold in pretty much every grocery store. It's not as good as Jello, but acceptable for a quick snack. I actually went back and bought another pack (I'll post a new vid soon about my 2nd run to the dollar store).

These are the Jennifer's Garden spring rolls. I baked them in the toaster oven for 18 minutes, and made a quick sriracha honey mustard. Are they the best spring rolls I've ever had? Not really. Are they edible? Absolutely. Would I buy again? Probably. They're a dollar. Please note that the sodium level is outrageous...180mg per roll. Eat with caution if you're sensitive to salt.

I didn't take photos of everything. Frankly, nobody needs a picture of bread and peanut butter. You know what a sandwich looks like. The bread was a fail. It was a bit hard and stale. I ate one slice and ended up throwing the rest away. I ended up baking my own bread, which made a much better sandwich.

I forgot to take a pic of the fish sticks. They were terrible...F minus if I'm grading these things. They smelled like fish sticks, but there were only a couple of little slivers of fish inside a very hard breading shell. They were really bad.

I made the pork and beans, and I have to be honest - the photo is gag-worthy. There's just no way to make ground sausage and beans in a dark red sauce look anything other than gross, so I am not sharing the photo. HOWEVER...this is was a home run. Tasted great! I recommend! Just do the world a favor and don't share pics of it. LOL

I haven't made it through everything yet. I'll make the veggie burritos soon, and explain a change I'm making to them at that time (they don't involve beans now...we'll get into it later). As I said earlier, I've also made another dollar tree run with a small haul. I'll post a vid soon. I'm still recovering from my clinics.

Thanks always for reading.