Monday, December 12, 2016

Hi December.

Well, I'm not dead. Sorry for the hiatus! It was longer than usual, I realize.

I made it through the misery, and I am doing worlds better. Still very congested and have a nagging cough, but functioning for the most part.

I ended the antibiotics early due to becoming too weak. My digestive system had come to a halt, as it does when I take antibiotics, and I was endlessly nauseated. I lost 8 pounds in 12 days if that tells you anything. I'm sure I'll gain it back next week. I've got Christmas plans coming out of my ears, health permitting, with lots of food to be had. I hope it all works out.

I still have plenty to share...I'll probably do an end-of-the-year 2016 wrap-up with pictures at some point this month. I'm digging through photos and scrolling through the blog to remind myself of what I forgot to talk about. Of course, I'll review my resolutions, and I can already tell you that my results are rocky. I feel like I've slacked a little, but not as bad as the previous couple of years. My blog and my life in general were suffering a good bit back then. I'll try to jump into the swing of things, blog-wise and otherwise, in the upcoming year.

Talk to you soon, with pics in tow.