Monday, November 28, 2016

Spoiler-Free Review of Gilmore Girls: Year In The Life

I allowed myself 24 hours to process Gilmore Girls, and I've concluded that it was a hot mess in spite of decent acting.

The editing was pretty bad in some places. The first two episodes were better than the last two. I guess they thought the racial, sexual, geographical, and personality stereotypes were cute. Maybe you think they're cute. That's fine, I guess. I didn't laugh. We'll agree to disagree. I enjoyed that they brought so much of the original cast back. Great nostalgia, and some of the humor was reflective of the original show, which I felt was important. There was more language than usual, thanks to Netflix. The girls' banter was perfect, and I loved some of the characters just as much this time as I did watching them the first time. I am ok with how it ended, but it was highly predictable. I was expecting it.

I like the show; I just didn't like some of the scenes, which ranged from weak and tiring to straight-up weird. I said "what in the actual hell" more than once.

6/10, but I will watch a sequel if they make it. The actors/characters deserve a stronger plot and better editing.