Monday, September 12, 2016

PawPaw Odin and Family (yes, THAT Odin)...

It's a long story (more on Facebook), but I've been working on my genealogy and it actually traced my maternal grandfather's side to British royalty and all the way back to Viking rulers who were worshipped like gods. It literally says I am a descendant of Odin (and his parents and grandfather), and I have the entire line documented in my family tree now - about 65 generations to the 100 CE era.

Is that bonkers or what?

Viking genealogy is sketchy, because sometimes legendary figures mingle with family history. It's really no different, though, than someone claiming they're related to Jesus or Moses or Adam and Eve or Hare Krishna or the Dalai Lama. These people exist(ed), but are(were) followed and revered as extraordinary. Whether true or not (my head is not in the clouds...pun totally intended), I won't ever find anything better in my genealogy than this, I'm pretty certain.

I'm still looking, though. I've come close to confirming my direct relation to the pilot of the Mayflower, which is pretty cool. MawMaw was a Clark. John Clark and his relatives are traced back to England in the year 1000, last I checked.

My tree consists primarily of France and England, with some Celtic, Viking, German, and Choctaw in the melting pot as well. Several of my great grandparents were first settlers of prominent cities in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and I look forward to sharing about it all in the future.