Friday, June 3, 2016

June Is Always A Roller Coaster

I cannot believe in less than 30 days, we'll be half way through 2016. The Gulf Coast has heated up immensely now that Summer is around the corner. Whew, it's already pretty hot, y'all. Hurricane season is upon us as well, and it is a time of nervous anticipation for those of us who don't live in safe zones. Tension certainly has been higher than usual here at the apartment complex, with neighbors in my building and surrounding buildings fighting. The cops were finally called yesterday, but they only sat and watched for a while, then left. Naturally, the bickering and threats resumed today and is ongoing. Ah, the joys of public housing [/sarcasm]. I'm unarmed and just want to be left alone, so I stay away from almost everyone most of the time.

My little sister will be the big 3-0 on the 12th. My polar opposite, that girl. She's upgraded from World Dominator to Jo's Mama. Jo holds the title of World Dominator now, without a doubt. That child is a phenomenon.

Of course, all of my nieces are the greatest. I'm unashamedly biased.

On the 18th, my baby bro Max will be gone for 20 years. It is unfathomable to me that it has been that long. If you're new here, he was 8 months old and died of SIDS. I was 18 when it happened. It crushed my dad, stepmother, and entire family beyond repair...we've never been the same. Max was such a sweet little angel, and we miss him. Crazy that he would have been 21 this October.

And now my youngest living brother, at age 22, is about to become a father for the first time, and it will be a boy - my first nephew. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that this man was once the spunky toddler asking me through his pacifier to paint his fingernails, ha! Middle age has snuck up on me like a ninja in the night, I'm here to tell you.

We have a family reunion this month. I'm hoping I'll feel like cooking up a storm. I rarely get to cook for anyone, so it's an opportunity I don't want to pass up if I can help it. Of course, I'd like to see a few folks, too. I'll also be donating a painting to the door prize, as requested. We'll see how that goes.

My divorce anniversary is the 22nd. I still consider it one of the best days of my life. I'm grateful to live in a country where legal, permanent separation is granted in spite of the hyper-religious nature of many in our legislation.

I hope someday to live in a world where people don't allow themselves to fall under ownership in hopes of achieving their idea of love. Thankfully, I learned from it, and I haven't let it happen again. I'm more free today, even in my current circumstances, than I've ever been with someone else. It saddens me to see some of the people I care about making the mistakes I made, but sometimes all we can do is stand aside, let people walk their own roads, and hope for the best. If you're in a relationship, I root for you with a sincere heart. May your love be healthy and happy.