Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello May: Another Stream of Random Ramblings

I've decided I need a cat named Eleanor Rose after Eleanor Roosevelt. Too bad I can't have pets.

I made a reference to "crocodile tears" the other day, and was informed by a friend that crocodile tears means that you're being insincere. I never knew this, and now I'm horrified because I have no idea how many people think I'm a jerk for referencing crocodile tears when I actually was crying and meant it - ha! Lord. I even Googled my own blog to see how many times I've talked about crocodile tears here, and it was a lot. Epic fail. :( I've edited or deleted some of those posts. Just know that if I've said I was crying crocodile tears, I was actually serious. Good thing my friends are around to keep me in line.

I had to cancel dinner with my stepdad, brother, and sister in law on Saturday because I was so ill. I'm having a really rough time with migraines, nausea, sleep deprivation, and muscle weakness. It's May, and I am really hoping the warm weather will improve my condition. If it will EVER stop storming, that is. Low barometric pressure certainly isn't doing me any favors.

In spite of how poorly I'm feeling, I have gotten a heck of a lot done around the apartment, including repairs, general cleaning, and rearranging. More to tackle after I recover from renal clinic. Will post pics soon, maybe.

I checked with that cute apartment complex in Bay St. Louis to see where I am on their waiting list. Still #35. My name isn't moving in the right direction (I was originally #22), so that's not good news. They have a rule that Mississippi residents, people with kids, and the elderly take priority, so needless to say, I expect to never live there. As far as other locations, I am only on one other list, which is Biloxi, and I am rock bottom. All other waiting lists I've checked on are closed in both Mississippi and Alabama. The reason for still needing to move is that my insurance doesn't cross state lines, and with my specialists being in Mississippi, that's where I should be even though it's not where I want to be AT ALL. I don't want to be in Alabama either, mind you. My heart is divided between Louisiana and Florida for multiple reasons.

In better news, I will receive a small allowance in food assistance for the next 12 months. It will cover my daily protein drink supplements and a little bit of meat, which is usually poultry. The low-carb/high protein/fat diet is still on for now, but I will continue to discuss it with my specialists and monitor my weight closely. Being on a medically-specific diet is challenging on such a tiny budget, so I'm grateful for the help. I'll elaborate on the diet more later.

I won some beautiful art supplies on Twitter. Folks on Facebook have already seen it, but I'll do a video blog as soon as I feel up to it and post it here.

I received an email today about HKPP drug Keveyis, for those who may be interested. I'll share it tomorrow.