Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday

This morning.

This evening.

If you are on my Facebook or Twitter, you already know how I feel about the Super Tuesday results. I didn't hold back.

But in spite of the fact that I didn't get what I wanted, I am glad I voted. Last time I voted, my regret was so deep that I swore I would never vote again. I hated myself. This campaign has been ugly and ridiculous...what a circus...but it's something Americans must take seriously. I'm non-partisan, but I still found it important and necessary to vote for the candidate that I share the most views with in spite of the fact that I don't agree with every single idea (within reason). As usual, voters were forced to choose between a Republican and Democrat ballot today, and I know I made the right decision this time. I felt instant redemption and relief.

I just wish the results had gone in my favor, obviously.