Friday, March 25, 2016

Birthday Week Grub

I have plenty to say these days, but I'm not going to drag on and bore you to death. So here is a quick post with a few pics about one of my favorite things - food. LOL

I caught a tremendous sale at the grocery store and ended up with more pork than I usually eat in a year. I try not to consume it often, due to its relationship with sodium and how poorly the body digests it (this applies to everybody, not just me), but I made an exception this time.

Being a Taco Tuesday fanatic, I decided to make pulled pork carnitas.

Boy, are they good. I've got four small bags in the freezer now, and I will probably make my first attempt at tamales soon.

I still have a pound of sausage and a huge roast to utilize. I'm planning chicken and sausage gumbo and Hawaiian BBQ pulled pork soon. It will be shared with friends and/or relatives.

I wasn't sure if I could stay on my feet long enough, but I managed to get out of bed Wednesday morning and make myself a nice "birthday" breakfast.
This photo does not do this meal justice at all. It was pretty, and this pic isn't pretty. The lighting in my apartment is poor, and I am not a photographer. Oh well. If you're not sure what it is: loaded omelet, sautéed onions and beef summer sausage, honey balsamic mustard, and sweet cream grits (that's polenta to you non-Southern folks) topped with oven-roasted corn. Good grief, it was great. And it was way too much food, and I had to go back to bed. LOL

(I would have had to go back to bed regardless.)

I rested for a while, then made my way to a diner that I hadn't been to in a decade, in hopes of having the meal that I always used to order there.
And I did. And it tasted exactly the way it always did. I even got lucky and landed the same waitress who was there all of those years ago. She is the sweetest, and a flawless food server, and it was nice to see her again.

As you can imagine, I practically crawled home after all of that food. I couldn't possibly eat like that on a regular basis, but it was my birthday and I was spending it alone, so I decided to treat myself.

More festivities will happen this weekend, hopefully. I'm still weaker than I should be, and extremely tired, but I've made plans to visit my stepfather and a couple of friends. I'm sure we will eat and laugh and have a good time. I'll try not to fall asleep on them.

As I said on Facebook, I'm grateful to have survived another year, and I have every intention of not only making it to the big 4-0, but celebrating in a big way. If I am able to travel, I'd like to see Florida again. Maybe I'll have a book ready to publish by then also. I'd like to cross some items off of my bucket list. In the meantime, I'm going to focus on feeling as well as possible and keeping my sanity intact.

I'll post again soon with my plans for the Spring.