Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ocean Springs and Family Matters

My biological father has been gone for 11 years now. He died on February 11th, unexpectedly, and his death at such a young age (54) changed the family forever. My young half-siblings were still kids when he died, and each one of their lives took completely different directions as a result. They are all doing quite well now, thankfully, and I know he would be very proud. I can only imagine what he would say about Jo, Zoey, and Sadie, and speaking of them, I have news! Now that my youngest brother has made the announcement online, I can share that he is going to become a father in July. This took the family by surprise, but we love babies and I look forward to meeting my new niece or nephew later this year!

Freddy, my stepfather, accidentally called me Lynn today during lunch. He talked about how much he misses her. We discussed his upcoming retirement and his final wishes (which I hope won't be utilized for years to come), and talked about the house. My older brother has Dad's house. I told him I think I should have control over what happens to Mom's. It was hers before they met and it was Grandmother's before that. I lived there nearly 16 years. So if he doesn't sell the house himself, hopefully he will agree to list me as the executor when that horrible day comes (it better not be for a long, long time...please).

Anyway, we spent the morning in Ocean Springs, Mississippi at the farmer's market. It was a beautiful day, and the crowd was larger than expected, but it was nice. I'm not kidding when I say I wanted to buy everything there. Excellent faire, probably the best selection I've ever seen at a tiny local outdoor market like that, and no retail pyramid crap. I hate when people are trying to sell Pampered Chef and Rainbow and such at a farmer's market. Go have your parties and stop taking up limited space where farmers and laborers are fighting to make a living. Gosh I'm getting cranky in my old age, aren't I? Sorry if I offended someone. You'll live. ;)

The loot:

Huge garlic flatbread from Serious Bread Bakery, Gautier Gold Honey (in a bear!), Grumpy Man pepper jelly and salsa, and Sugar Fix pralines! Oh, and I forgot the pic, but I bought a parsley plant. Wish me luck in keeping it alive.

Freddy and I went to Mosaic Tapas Bar for lunch. Funny enough, what we ordered was nothing close to tapas. He had a half-pound burger that looked like what every perfect photo of a burger should look like. I ordered a Cuban sandwich, which ended up being twice the size I imagined. We were stuffed, took home a ton of leftovers, and I thanked them by dumping my sweet tea across the entire table, ha! OK, it was an accident. I do that more often than I'd like to admit.

I'm home and ready to crash into bed from exhaustion, but I'm very thankful that I had a good day. I'm glad Freddy did too. Things have been really tough for him, and he deserves to live the rest of his life in absolutely serenity after all he's been through over the years. We may not be blood-related, but he raised me from age 11 and calls me his daughter. I consider myself very lucky that he's my dad.

Side Note: I'm not compensated for a dang thing I mention on this blog. Freddy and I bought it all fair and square, and you should too. Support your local biz! :-)