Sunday, January 24, 2016

The rest of the month: a to-do list

LJ and G+ out (done)
Tumblr in (done)
Twitter lists renovated (done and private account deleted)
Stay off of Facebook till at least Monday (done)
Hide or delete some blogs (done)
Update others (done)
Move one to Tumblr (in progress - this will take several days)
Pin at least 10 photos a day on Pinterest (ongoing)
Decide what to do with My Fitness Pal (decided to stay)
Reopen Etsy shop (done)
Sort and scan important paperwork (moved to February because reasons)
Finish cleaning house for upcoming inspection (done)
Go to the doctor (done)

If I manage to accomplish all of that, I will reward myself with admission to the Chocolate Festival in February (a whopping 4 bucks).

Nothing to see here, just trying to hold myself accountable. I'm one of those crazy list people. In fact, lists are really the only reason I get anything accomplished.

Happy Sunday.

(List updated 1/31 6:28pm)