Saturday, November 14, 2015

We, The Media

Every day, I find myself thinking about how much the media needs an unprecedented overhaul. I see so many people say believers are crazy and shallow-minded for praying or having faith in a higher power. Unfortunately, some of those believers are obsessive-compulsive, delusional, hateful, and downright sickening. As a believer who isn't those things, I understand and share your frustration.

But you need to understand that it's equally shallow-minded and wrong to blame and hate on theism as a whole for the words and works of extreme radicals. These people are a minority, whether you want to acknowledge that or not, it is a fact. The nuttiest people are always the loudest, and they are the ones the media cling to, as the media are dependent on such.

You see I'm not naming names or a specific religion or lack thereof. That's because undeserved hate is happening to all of them. The "Christians" hate the "Muslims" and the "Atheists" hate the "Christians" and the "Muslims" hate everybody and the "Buddists" think we're all a disgrace. I could go on and on, but if you are intelligent, you get the point. To abuse your entire belief system to cite which entire belief system you want to abuse will never not be crazy and it will never not be shallow-minded and it will never not be wrong.

People deserve to be viewed as the individuals they are, and to be treated accordingly. Stop stereotyping entire groups of people to justify your xenophobia and feed your superiority complex. It's disgusting. It's unintelligent. It's beneath you. It's beneath everyone except the small percentage of demented, attention-seeking freaks who are sensationalized by "the news". Do we need to know about these people? Absolutely, so we can rise up together and end them. We need to know every detail of their sick, horrible plans in order to protect ourselves and each other. But we have gone far beyond that. All who worship the biased media are guilty of glorifying these nutjobs by granting them the label of what they claim to represent. You know that is exactly what they want, right? You are giving the psychopaths what they want - to brainwash society into believing that they are the standard. Humanity deserves better. And our future generations certainly do.

In this digital age, "the news" and "the people" have merged to become one massive fight on the playground. We've become the media. It's high time we become smarter than that.

© 2015