Sunday, November 8, 2015

Genealogy Blog

My genealogy blog is finally in progress.

I will be covering all sides of my direct family line, including Bouzage/Bosarge, Baudry/Baudreau (dit Graveline), Choctaw Nation, Clark, Seiple/Sciple, Savell, Watkins, and more. The documentation is extensive, and this will be a journey that carries on for years to come, but I've finally gotten it off the ground. I've begun with the year 1566, but I will be bouncing around quite a bit as I tackle different sides of the family. As you will see, I offer a few thoughts about my findings in addition to the written facts. There will be detailed stories and even photos to share as I progress into more recent times. My list of genealogical references is in the works and will be published in its sidebar eventually.

Thanks to those who have found interest in my family history.