Monday, September 21, 2015

A Visit to Biloxi Beach

In August, I made the drive to Biloxi.
The plan was to see the Katrina + 10 exhibit
at the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art.
I changed my mind at the last minute
as I didn't want to relive the memories
anymore than I already was.
So I went to the beach instead.

Sharkheads is a popular shop on Biloxi Beach.
It was decimated in Hurricane Katrina.
They finally rebuilt and opened this year.
They even brought back the airbrushed T-shirts.

Random Captain America cardboard cutout.

Painted hermit crabs!

I'm not sure how they feel about being painted.
Not sure how I feel about it either.
They are cute, however!


That dude would NOT get out of the picture,
but I took the shot anyway. LOL

Beautiful day in Biloxi.

Haven't walked on a beach since 2010.
I had no idea how incredibly difficult it would be.
It was like moving through wet cement
and I almost couldn't walk back to the
car, but I did and I survived. It was a 
pretty solid reminder, though, of how much
Muscular Dystrophy has changed my life forever.

It's a TARDIS, if you weren't sure.

Although physically daunting, I'm glad I went.
I'll always be a Gulf Coast girl.