Monday, July 27, 2015

How to utilize Facebook's new "See First" setting

I'm back on Facebook, and it's as crazy and unpredictable as ever. Facebook is like the weather, you know. If you don't like it, just wait an'll change.

At any rate, this new change may be a great one if it works properly.

It's a pretty common complaint that Facebook users don't see all of their friends on the news feed. It seems to be a random selection by FB minions, as opposed to simply clicking "follow" and seeing every post that person makes. You'd think that's how it would be, but it's not by a long shot.

However, they've created a new setting called "See First". Here it is:

I chose this setting on someone's profile last week. So far so good...that person's latest posts are showing up first in my news feed. I'm getting ready to give that setting to a couple hundred friends just to see what happens to my news feed from there. I'll edit this page if anything significant occurs that you should know about, but most likely it's going to do exactly what is expected and simply show me everyone's posts that I have asked to "see". Fingers crossed, anyway.

Hope this helps some folks.

Edit Note 7/31/15: Sadly, it's not working properly. In fact, this setting is working on one of my accounts, but not the other. Makes no sense. At any rate, you can only set it to "see first" a total of 30 people and pages. Just an FYI. Maybe they'll work out the bugs and I'll actually be able to utilize this feature consistently the way it was intended.

Speaking of Facebook, send your best wishes to the Zuckerbergs who are expecting their first child after suffering three miscarriages.