Monday, July 6, 2015

A Visit to Boo Boo and Sweet Pea's House

I took a much, much needed trip to Louisiana to visit my nieces. Jo (age 4) was on her way to Washington D.C. on vacation. I thankfully saw her briefly and got a hug before she left. I stayed ten nights with my brother, sis in law, Zoey (age 2), and Sadie (6 months).

I am no longer sharing photos of my nieces online unless I take the pics myself (you'll notice some previous posts are gone as a result) or I'm granted specific permission. This was by request of one of my sisters, and I'm happy to comply.

That said, here are a few from last week:

Sis Katie, Zoey, Me

Katie, Jo, Me

Having a rough time with my condition.
Zoey decided to bring her blanket
and join me in the rocking recliner.

Like the hat? LOL

Snuggles with Sweet Pea Sadie

Such a precious baby. Love her so much.

June was a difficult month. In fact, this entire year has been challenging in unexpected ways. As usual, I'm making an effort to get my health and wellness on track as best as I can. Getting away from my often-too-quiet sick bed helped. It wasn't an easy drive, and my muscles paid the price, but I'm so thankful I was able to go see my nieces and a couple of siblings. My plan is to find housing in between my family in Mississippi and my family in Louisiana, so I won't be so far from everyone. I'm on a couple of waiting lists, so maybe that will eventually work out.

I have so much writing to catch up on. I'm trying to pull myself together and get it done. Thanks for your continued support, friends.