Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Random Updates

I was given iTunes for Christmas, and downloaded The Librarians. If you're not familiar, think Indiana Jones meets Doctor Who. Fantastic show, and I can't wait for the next season!

Also looking forward to this:


Still working on my Doctor Who season 8 recap. Sorry for the delay. I'll backdate it and publish when it's ready. Could be a while longer. By the way, my participation in WhoClass went down the tubes thanks to moving to a new place and not having internet. Not happy, but I'll try to catch up at my own pace over the summer (assuming I can still access the course...I'll have to wait and see).

I'm also working on goals for the year. If you remember, I never posted resolutions for 2015. I was just too tired. Frankly, I still am, but I've got a few things in mind and I'll share them soon.

My experience with pressurized oxygen is going like this:

Confession: I am known to remove any article on my body in my sleep if it is making me uncomfortable...sock, shirt, whatever (go ahead, laugh. You have my permission). That said, the fact that I keep waking up within two hours with the mask in my hand instead of on my face is not a surprise. It IS a problem, needless to say. I did go to the doctor and have the pressure increased, and I had to reduce the humidity significantly, but I'm not sleeping through the night any better than I was. Dr. H and I are both disappointed, but hoping I'll get used to it over time.

One thing I will also mention is that I had a paralytic episode last night and was having trouble breathing. I put on the cpap and it seemed to help a little. Take that info for what it's worth.

MDA and Renal clinics were rescheduled to June 2nd.

CampNaNoWriMo is going fine, although I will say my goal was an extremely reasonable 10K words. I'm pretty much there, and while I'll definitely use some of what I've written in some way, I'm sure some of it will be edited away in revisions. That's the way the ball bounces in the writing world, so I'm not terribly concerned. Writer's Block is common, but if I can manage to finish my first draft of TCOMH by the end of official NaNoWriMo on November 30th, I will be very happy.

I have not heard back from the owner of Subway in Bayou La Batre. I left a voice mail, so the ball is in their court. It's not ideal to ignore me, for the record. I don't go away easily.

I will begin promoting charities again on If I Had A Million Bucks soon. Feel free to read my latest update there. Believe me, I'm not proud of my mistake in not backing the eBook up in a more accessible extension, so be gentle. And if anyone happens to have a free and legal copy of InDesign they're not going to use, I would be much obliged to take it off your hands.

My short story, Four, has been read by almost 200 people. That's not terrible considering that I don't advertise it anywhere but here. The genre is modern Psychology and it's not for everybody, but I really enjoyed telling Felix Valentine's story. And in case you were wondering: no. He's not me. But his condition is very real, and I hope "Four" reaches someone who needs to read it someday.

My slow progress on the painting I'm working on for the Child Advocacy Center can be found here.

I also have more photos to share from recent events. Stay tuned.

Much to do still, and little to no strength to do it. I'm trying.

Talk to you soon.