Monday, January 12, 2015

Doctor Who Class!

I've jumped on an opportunity to sign up for the very first
Mass Open Online Course dedicated to my favorite TV show.

Doctor Who in the Digital Age is a semester-long course through Syracuse University. When I heard it was being launched, I knew I had to join! There are no grades, but it is a legitimate course with lectures, discussions, tests, and more. If I'm dreaming, please do not wake me up!

Class began tonight and wow, it is jam-packed with content. We are fully immersing ourselves in Doctor Who. I sadly don't have the funds to purchase the books our professor suggested, but they're not mandatory. I have to say the discussions have been fantastic and extremely in-depth. Overwhelming. The best part is following the live chat on Twitter, as dozens and dozens of people are giving hilarious commentary as we're watching the show. It's a blast, and I look forward to the next session!

In the meantime, I have a ton of Doctor Who episodes to watch. We've started at the beginning, so we are watching the first Doctor, Susan, Ian, and Barbara in An Unearthly Child and Dalek (11 episodes). I plan to blog about each session, which you will be able to find under the label WhoClass from this point on.

If you wish to be a fly on the wall, you can also follow our public shenanigans on Facebook and Twitter under the hashtag #WhoClass.

I have much more to share, including some blog posts that I plan to backdate. Talk to you soon!