Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Resolutions Review

It's that time again. Hard to believe 2014 is over (and can I just say, THANK GOD).

My 2014 Goals

* Get settled in a new place of my own, or at least be on a reliable waiting list.

On a few long waiting lists. I really hope one of them calls me soon.

* Either utilize my possessions, or sell/give away. This of course does not include anything of sentimental value, just stuff with a useful purpose.

I made a great deal of progress on this. I gave a ton of stuff away, sold a little bit, and I am more organized than I have been over the last several years. I still have work to do.

* Take updated photos of all art, complete everything in progress, and market my work.

I took a few updated photos, and I had an unexpected art exhibition in Moss Point that was lovely. My work is not currently on the market, but it will be soon.

* Have at least one short story from NaNoWriMo published, even if I have to publish it myself.

Done! One short story is out there and has had not quite 100 readers. It's not for everybody, being Psychology-based, but it's for somebody and I appreciate the positive feedback I've received. No regrets whatsoever in sharing Felix's story.

Much more coming in the future, as I am 50% finished with the first drafts of two Historical-based novellas.

* Clean, backup, and reorganize my computer hard drives.

Oh boy. Had to reformat Bessie the Macbook, as my readers are probably aware. My readers are also probably aware that I name everything. :-)

Bessie now has a busted keyboard, and I've been working hard to retrieve my files and get them uploaded onto a tablet (which is now full) and online storage drives (which have been a lifesaver). I uploaded thousands of photos to Facebook in December alone, just so they'll be in a safe place before I take Bessie back to the Apple store for repair this year. So I guess you can say this is near-complete, and very much in progress.

* Build or renovate all blogs and webpages until they are what I want them to be.

No no no no no. So much no. Fail city. I have to make this a priority somehow. I'll be adding this to my 2015 goals (if I make a list...I'm sure I will when I feel like thinking about it).

I feel like I accomplished more than I planned, in spite of how horrible my year was emotionally and physically. Much more to do, though, so I expect the upcoming year to be just as busy.

I hope 2015 is the greatest year of your life, dear friends. Talk to you soon.