Sunday, January 25, 2015

12 Random Facts About Me (shared from Facebook)

1. I am the only person in my immediate family not named after another person. I was named after a paper doll my mom had as a child.
2. I was a high jumper and a very fast runner in elementary school, often winning first or second place. I also played (tackle, not flag) football in my neighborhood. I was the second youngest and the only girl.
3. I studied names (onomastics) growing up and used to be able to tell you the origin and meaning of a name off the top of my head. I had a baby name website for a few years (on geocities, ha!) until it crashed in the mid 2000s.
4. Writing is my outlet, and I've been journaling since I was a young child. Once I obtained access to the world wide web, I began blogging and haven't stopped since.
5. I made a D in art in junior high school. I was sick and struggling with my motor skills, but the teacher didn't believe me for a long time and said I was lazy. I know he didn't know any better, and I admit my art was pretty terrible.
6. As a first-year student at the Pascagoula Vocational-Technical Center, I won a silver medal in VICA (now called Skills USA) state competition in Jackson, MS in the specialty of Commercial Printing. And I did it in a skirt!
7. I had every intention of taking art classes at MGCCC's JC campus in my youth. I enrolled at age 19 and again at 22, but both times I was too ill to attend. I used to visit the Fine Arts building and walk by the drawing and design studio, look in the window, and say "I'm supposed to be in that room. I will get there somehow, someday." Nearly killed myself doing so, but I finally made it happen 10 years later.
8. Traveling is my dream, but I've never been on a plane, train, or commercial ship.
9. I've never been to Disney World even though I've been to Orlando twice. I'm a Geography/World Culture/Food fanatic, so Epcot is on my bucket list.
10. I've taken care of quite a few children over the years, from newborn to age 12, but there won't ever be any Kelli-minions running around (so let me spoil all of your babies...thanks in advance). :)
11. I didn't date anymore as a teen than I have as an adult. It's never been the life for me. I've kissed a total of three people. The last person I was with was my ex-husband a dozen years ago. No, I'm not clinging to the past. No, I'm not a nun. Yes, I am celibate. Yes, by choice. No, I am not changing my mind. No, I am not crazy. Yes, I am a deviant badass prude, but by God, I'm a trustworthy friend to all and proud of it. Carry on.
12. I am tremendously: non-partisan, anti-racist, non-denominational, culture-embracing, introverted, sleep-deprived, empathetic, passionate, stubborn, dorky, geeky, nerdy, blah blah blah if you want to know anything else you know where to find me, folks. I'm an open book (minus a few pages). ;)