Wednesday, October 8, 2014

This week, a medical recap. I know, it's been a while.

So sorry for my delay in updating blogs. My laptop (lovingly/frustratingly named "Bessie Mac") had to be wiped out and resurrected. I'm just now getting it up and running again as of tonight.

I've been in Jackson this week doing the clinic thing. I figured I would go ahead and share here what I posted on Facebook. I'll be back soon to catch up on things. Thanks!


Huge financial dispute that made me so frustrated this morning, my blood pressure was up for the first time in a long time. I don't know what's going to become of it, but I am trying not to worry about it right now.

Met a new doc at MDA. Very nice. He documented my updates: Mom's death, my hospital stay in June (more on my blog later), and my loss of strength and proximal muscle tone. My arms were very weak, but leg reflexes were slightly more responsive than usual. He reminded me to eat low-carb, recommended vitamin B2 for my migraine, told me to surround myself with all things happy and try to stay distracted from my circumstances. He's one of several docs who have said this over the last 6 months. I hope that explains a little about my behavior on social media and life in general. I'm a realist, but escapism is important when you're trapped in a broken body and stuck with a life and future you cannot control.

Was over an hour late to renal clinic, but thankfully Dr. F waited for me. He noted my potassium level, weight gain, breathing and sleeping problems, chronic pain, and Mom's death. He wants me to find a sleep specialist anywhere in Alabama who will take me. He believes I have sleep apnea. We reviewed test results and we're both still pretty baffled by the general wackiness of my kidneys. We had a chat about the latest meds and symptoms, and the fact that I am needing to move back to Mississippi. He made a note that I'm looking for government housing in the area, and said he will always do whatever he can to accommodate my schedule because he knows how far I'm having to travel. This situation is a nightmare, but I always leave feeling a lot better emotionally after talking to him. He has so much patience with my moodiness and awkwardness, bless him. Best doctor ever. His nurse is a lot like I am. We talked about Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Comic Con. Geeks unite! :-)

New meds added to the pile: spironolactone 25mg titration, vitamin B2.
Orders: potassium test in a few weeks (to be done in Bayou La Batre).
Appointments: Back to back clinics April 14th - and may God bless them in advance as that is the 1st anniversary of Mom's death. Might be a hell of a day.

My docs at UMMC have sustained my life, and I need to continue to see them for as long as possible. I could have never done this without a two-night stay in a nearby hotel. Very grateful to the Bradley family for making this happen.