Thursday, September 18, 2014

I'm here, sort of!

I swear I'll catch up on my blogs. The last month has been a whirlwind. Plenty to talk about, and I will soon. There may even be pictures.

The art reception was nice. Small crowds are the best kind of crowds. It was great to see old faces and new. Certainly a memorable experience, and I appreciate the library for hosting my work through the remainder of the month.

The Mac (whose name is now Bessie) is still down for the count. I'm using a hand-me-down Acer tablet, of which I am extremely grateful. I have such thoughtful friends who come to my rescue often, bless them. It's a relief to not be disconnected from the world, in fact, I can do quite a lot on this thing. It's just taking some getting used to. Bessie Mac is headed to a service center next month, hopefully.

Hard to believe Autumn is nearly here. My muscles are already showing tremendous opposition to the weather changes. MDA and Renal clinics are coming up in 3 weeks.

I promise I'll be back asap.