Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's Next

I have been having severe abdominal pain and breathing problems for quite some time, but it has gotten a lot worse lately. I tested negative for endocrine infection, so something else is going on.

I have been having so much trouble breathing at times, I feel like I'm smothering. I've burst into tears more than once from the pain of simply trying to take a breath, and I often can't finish a sentence or phrase without losing air altogether and feeling faint.

I finally noticed that it is a lot worse after eating or drinking, and I put two and two together. I've had a hiatal hernia for over a decade, and it has most likely become obstructive.

What makes this so difficult is that I cannot safely have surgery. With my HKPP weakness being so severe, and my diaphragm/esophagus/lungs already compromised, the risk of death under anesthesia is very high. I have no idea what's about to happen to me.

Now waiting for a GI referral. I'll keep you posted.

Edit Note 6/18: Physical activity makes my breathing a lot worse, too. I almost passed out in Target today. I'm headed to the ER if this gets any worse.