Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Angels Are Everywhere

I brought in the new year in the most unexpected way imaginable...attending an online memorial chat to remember a sweet friend who left us much too soon. Only two weeks ago she was sending me messages calming me down over something that had upset me. She had a wonderful way of doing that. She was never angry. She was always kind. She always gave everybody the benefit of the doubt. She was a peacemaker and the devil's advocate all at the same time. Her name is Brandi, her username is angelsReverywhere, and she was truly an angel on Earth. Loyal, hard-working, collected, hilarious, passionate, real, and a friend to all she knew. Not one person I've encountered over the past twelve hours could think of a negative word to say about her. She was a great person who was doing life right. Everyone is in shock and grief over this tremendous loss.

I've known her nearly six years. We chatted sometimes, and tried to keep up with each other on the bottomless pits known as Facebook and Twitter. I can't believe just two weeks ago she was concerned about me and wishing me well, now here I am still here and she is gone. I cannot wrap my brain around it. This is unfair beyond belief.

Dear Brandi, you taught me so much...more than you ever realized...and I hope you know how much your thoughtfulness and encouragement meant to me. I'll never forget our overnight chats. I'll never forget our daydreams about tiny homes and RVs and building cabins and being nomads on the road. I'll never forget your enthusiasm about angels and Airstreams and Volkswagen vans, and how much you adored your niece and your late father. I will never forget your smile, your positivity, and your sweet nature. Thank you for genuinely caring about me. I will miss you always.