I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be,
but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.
— Douglas Pagels

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wacky Weather Update

Snow & Rain, Clouds, Sun, Sun, Rain, Thunderstorms

Welcome to the Gulf Coast!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wacky Weather

Sun, Rain, Snow & Rain, Sun, Sun, Rain

Do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around...

Edit Note 12:00PM

Less than 5 hours later,
they changed Wednesday from sun to snow.

I can hear the weather forecaster now:

"The sun will be shining on Wednesday.
Actually, let me double-check that."
*consults Magic 8 Ball* "No wait...SNOW!"

Friday, January 24, 2014

Nothing important, just a couple of pics.

I ordered some geek specs from Zenni. I am a freak who has a large head but a child-sized bridge. This was the only pair they had that fit the criteria. Not too shabby, I guess.

My potassium script now comes in a bottle as big as my head.
It could be worse.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm here. I guess I'm going to talk television and silly crushes and health and nieces today.

Greetings, people of Earth. I'm still sick in bed. Just weak, mostly. Finally getting around on the rolling walker, but not terribly well so I see the outside of my bedroom once or twice a day at best. I've been doing a lot of online movie and TV watching...not something I do often, but it's passing the time. It's been a fantastic distraction, actually. One that has been much-needed, as if that wasn't obvious by how 2014 has gone thus far.

At any rate, I'm a bit behind so let me start with Doctor Who. Matt Smith's finale was outstanding, as I knew it would be. I was discouraged by how many people disliked the episode, and I could not disagree more with their complaints. It was amazing, and Matt will be missed terribly. He will always be my first Doctor, and has a special place in my Whovian heart in spite of being head over heels over the magnificent tenth Doctor, David Tennant. Eleven was equally amazing in his own way, and many of his episodes are the best Sci-Fi television I've ever seen. If you have never watched (it's not for everybody, but I say give it a try), and I was only allowed to suggest one episode, it would be "Vincent and the Doctor" hands down.

Watch it with a box of Kleenex.

Now allow me to switch gears to another BBC masterpiece:


Holy Epic Win, Batman, I cannot express how mind-blowing this series is. Where do I even begin? This was my introduction to both Martin Freeman and Ben Cumberbatch, and I could not be more impressed. If you know or care anything at all about The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes or even if you don't, do yourself a favor and watch a few episodes. They are long...an hour and a half...but this show is so very worth the time. Every actor does a stellar job in their roles. Sherlock is a whirlwind of brilliance, confusion, emotion, and just plain awesomeness. If you have any interest in Mystery or Literary Fiction, it is a must-see. The most recent episode, Season 3 Episode 3 ("His Last Vow") is quite possibly the most phenomenal 90 minutes of television I have ever seen in 35+ years on this planet. No joke. It is absolute perfection.
I mean it. These two are glorious.

I recommend starting from the beginning with S1 E1. There are only 3 episodes per season, so you can catch up quickly. Feel free to tweet me to discuss the show, if you like.

I'm going to just go ahead and say it - John Watson is my dreamboat. Ha! People who know me know I'm usually hooked on non-fiction. I don't go silly over many fictional characters, or men in general for that matter, but this one...oh yes, most definitely. I've tried to make the best of my bedbound state of health and have inundated myself with all things Martin Freeman. He has talent for sure, easily one of my favorite actors now. I'm considering sending a letter of appreciation across the pond. I've never done that before, but I just might for him.

Yes, he's my laptop wallpaper. No, I'm not ashamed.

If you haven't been living under a rock, you know he's also Bilbo Baggins, aka The Hobbit. I watched the first movie last week, but have yet to see the second. It's still in theaters, and I'm, well, stuck in bed unable to function. It would have been nice to see Martin's beautiful face on the big screen (oops, did I say that out loud?), but I'll have to wait until it's available to rent...which is okay.

I'll stop gushing now. :) Just felt like sharing.

In health news, it was confirmed that pneumonia is not the cause of my screwed up lung. So, that means it's something else, which isn't good news. Since the paralytic episodes became severe a few years ago, I've been having trouble breathing and swallowing, sleeping, and at times staying fully conscious. I made the mistake of mentioning this to my mother, and now she's not speaking to me again. She withdraws when she doesn't want to face something, so as I always have, I am dealing with this situation solo. When I am up and around again, hopefully soon, I'll be pursuing a Specialist in Pulmonology. I am truly exhausted. I've decided if I make it to 40, I'm going to have the biggest freaking birthday party in history. Everybody's invited.

In much happier news, Josephine and Zoey are growing like weeds. Jo is talking up a storm now, and she is absolutely hilarious. Zoey Boo Boo finally figured out how to crawl forwards...ha...and she is the sweetest, happiest baby. I fear that I won't see them grow up and that they will never really know me. I wish so much that they didn't live two states away. I figure they'll probably think of me as the "weird" aunt, if anything. I suppose I could live with that, though. After all, they would be right. :)

I hope 2014 is being kind to you all. Be well, my friends.

Friday, January 10, 2014

2014, I Surrender

Missing my sweet friend Brandi. Still can't believe she's gone.

A local friend's husband was killed in a car accident Tuesday.

Wednesday, I melted down with a fever of 102, chills, and of course HKPP. Haven't been able to walk since. I was taken to the local clinic today. Ear infection and a bad lung. Bedbound.

2014 has absolutely bodyslammed me. Waving my white flag.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Video Tribute to Brandi

She sure loved The Beatles. This slideshow by Jackson Crowley is well-done and appreciated.

I see her face and her name on Facebook and Twitter and I subconsciously await her usual updates. Then I snap out of it and remember that this nightmare is real. I can't believe it.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Angels Are Everywhere

I brought in the new year in the most unexpected way imaginable...attending an online memorial chat to remember a sweet friend who left us much too soon. Only two weeks ago she was sending me messages calming me down over something that had upset me. She had a wonderful way of doing that. She was never angry. She was always kind. She always gave everybody the benefit of the doubt. She was a peacemaker and the devil's advocate all at the same time. Her name is Brandi, her username is angelsReverywhere, and she was truly an angel on Earth. Loyal, hard-working, collected, hilarious, passionate, real, and a friend to all she knew. Not one person I've encountered over the past twelve hours could think of a negative word to say about her. She was a great person who was doing life right. Everyone is in shock and grief over this tremendous loss.

I've known her nearly six years. We chatted sometimes, and tried to keep up with each other on the bottomless pits known as Facebook and Twitter. I can't believe just two weeks ago she was concerned about me and wishing me well, now here I am still here and she is gone. I cannot wrap my brain around it. This is unfair beyond belief.

Dear Brandi, you taught me so much...more than you ever realized...and I hope you know how much your thoughtfulness and encouragement meant to me. I'll never forget our overnight chats. I'll never forget our daydreams about tiny homes and RVs and building cabins and being nomads on the road. I'll never forget your enthusiasm about angels and Airstreams and Volkswagen vans, and how much you adored your niece and your late father. I will never forget your smile, your positivity, and your sweet nature. Thank you for genuinely caring about me. I will miss you always.