Sunday, August 18, 2013


Rain rain go away. Why must you torture me every day? Ha. Yeah, it's raining every single day on the Gulf Coast, and at the moment we're dealing with some especially tropical weather. Temperature and barometric pressure fluctuations do a serious number on people with HKPP, so this summer has not been a tiptoe through the tulips, that is for sure. I feel bad for those who are getting flooded out of their homes, businesses, and vehicles (lots of flooded/stranded people in cars in the news today). Mama NayNay sure is merciless sometimes.

I've delete my Food Network Star blog from this year, if you happen to notice it's missing. I am very happy for Damaris and I'm glad she won. I deleted it because I am very hurt by this article in which Alton Brown states that he chose a favorite among Team Alton (2012, Season 8) in the beginning of the competition, and ensured that his favorite made it to the finals by "using the others as sandbags". What the HELL? In case you missed the memo, a mentor helps everyone under them with integrity and fairness, not chooses a favorite and throws the rest under the bus. That would be called cheating. Dammit, Alton, I am so angry at you.

I have disagreed with him on many less important things, and loved him anyway, but this just isn't acceptable. I loathe disloyalty. I feel wounded, so I can only imagine how my friends from Team Alton feel (they are has been discussed). I've have never been so upset with Alton or with Food Network in the decade + that I have followed. I may always care about him but I will never trust him or the network's competitions again, so I don't think there is any point in actively supporting. I let FN know how I felt, shed a tear or two, and I'm done. I will decide what to do about the Team Alton blogs from last year after I cool down.

On top of that BS, a close friend of many years has been found a manipulator and a thief. After she stole from me and I discovered that one of my best friends had also been stolen from, I removed this person completely from my life. It is almost like a death, but I can't allow dishonest people to affect me any longer. I am such a patient and fiercely loving person, but even I have to draw the line somewhere. Such a disheartening month August has been. September will be better, I am sure of it.

In other news (you're welcome)...

I resumed burger week, but day 3 is backdated to where it was intended to be (I had a temporary post saying "coming soon", if you remember). I will post days 4 and 5 in real time.

I officially joined NaNoWriMo, and plan to give it a try when November rolls around. Being a non-fiction nerd, writing 50,000 words of fiction will be very challenging. If you are a NaNo participant, feel free to add me as a buddy @ ugottafriend.

It's almost time for The Painted Bra Art Project again, and my design this year is a tangle:

I'll post the final product when it's complete.

I'll also post pics from my storage room soon. I found some cool stuff from childhood.

Hoping to get into a government subsidized apartment in the next year or so. Lots of paperwork to do and sanity to keep intact somehow. It is depressing beyond words to be owned like a prisoner, but I do look forward to living alone someday...assuming I don't die in poverty. Wish me luck, say a prayer, think happy thoughts...whatever you can spare is appreciated.

Thanks for letting me rant and ramble, internet. Good night.