Thursday, June 13, 2013

Operation 2013 Review

I cannot believe the year is almost half over. Crazy!

I'm making as much effort as possible in my condition to tackle Operation 2013. I can't sleep (again) so I thought I would take a look at my progress thus far.

Operation Zoey is complete, of course. I just wish she didn't live so far away.

Aunt Kelli's Punkin!

I already gave an update on Operation Pound in my last post.

Operation Grub has gone nicely. I finally nailed refrigerator dill pickles, thanks to a little help from The Spice House in Chicago. Their pickling spice and dill seed are top notch. It basically amounts to putting the right ratio of spice, water, and white vinegar in the jar. My current batch is spot on, and most importantly, there is no salt added. So excited.

Other food accomplishments: various pizza flatbreads, sweet and spicy chili, bean burritos from scratch, chicken stock, ridiculous mac n cheese (for my bro and sis-in-law), baked potato soup (also for my bro and sis-in-law), reduced-fat shrimp alfredo, and an amazing veggie beef soup.

Other food goals for the year: Cole Slaw, Brunswick Stew, Tomatillo Salsa, Salad Dressings

Operation Organization is moving along, albeit, slowly. I finally cleared off the craft table in my dining room (which doubles as an art studio). Most of the stuff went to the storage room, which still needs tremendous attention. I'll get to it. I still have another table to tackle. In the bedroom, I've upgraded from a 13 inch tube TV to a 20 inch tube TV with DVD and VHS players...ha! My brother put it in a corner by my bed instead of on the file cabinet, so now I have the file cabinet available for my computer-related stuff. I've put some things I'm not using under the bed, and I took 20 items out of the closet to sell or give away. Next up - books. I'm going to make an effort to finish reading the books I haven't finished so I can get rid of them. Maybe I'll look for a local book swap. The ones I wish to keep will be neatly organized on the shelves. Hooray progress!

Last but not least...

Operation Orlando is officially ON!!!!! I had a scare concerning transportation, as all three methods I had planned fell through. I nearly had a meltdown, but let my aunt know what was happening and she and my uncle have graciously offered to get me there. Donations from friends and a few sales on my Etsy store have allowed me to complete registration and secure my hotel room. I AM SO GRATEFUL. Words cannot express how grateful! I love you all.

This year has been very difficult with the disease and with my circumstances in general. In spite of that, I am accomplishing some important goals and I do not take that for granted.