Thursday, May 2, 2013

Principal Fires Security and Hires Teachers, Transforms School

Via Good News Network

"A school constructed in 2003 for children in Roxbury, Mass., was already mired in violence and failure when principal Andrew Bott showed up in 2010.

He shocked a lot of people when he got rid of the security guards and reinvested that money into the arts.

Soon everything at the K-8 school started to change.

Now, three years later, the school is almost unrecognizable; essays of achievement grace the walls and students from kindergarten to eighth grade fill the revamped studios with dance, music and art.

Besides the colorful posters decorating the hallways, student achievement is rising, test scores are up, and discipline rates are back down."

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I thought this was a beautiful success story. I have seen first hand how the arts can make a difference in a community. I have been both the recipient and the assistant in the genre of therapeutic art, and believe wholeheartedly in its validity and importance. It can truly change a person's life. Its value is priceless.

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