Friday, May 10, 2013

No Fri Funnies Today. Here's Why...

It has been a sad week, with lots of thoughts and prayers and sleepless nights.

Two high-schoolers in my hometown, Brandon and Caleb, died in a skiing accident. This has crushed the community. Pascagoula is known as one of the 100 best cities to raise a child as it is a very youth-oriented, and when something terrible happens to one of them, everyone is affected. These kids planned to play football for the local community college. Instead, the college has set up a memorial scholarship in their names. Such a terrible loss.

Shortly after this occurred, I got word that a friend's five year old son was in a horrendous accident at an airport hangar. His arms were crushed and his left hand severed. He was rushed via jet to Duke hospital in North Carolina, where he underwent 15+ hours of surgery under a microscope. He has been put back together by an incredible team of surgeons, but there is no blood flow to his left hand and he needs a miracle. Please pray for Ben, and feel free to check his church's website for updates.

It has been a sad week, but let's all count our blessings and look forward to a better one next week.

I'm working on several blog posts and articles. Talk to you soon.