Monday, May 27, 2013

End of the Month Randomness

May has been a long month. I guess it only feels that way due to all of the tragedy that has occurred. It seems to set life in slow motion for a while, doesn't it? I'm going to attempt to catch up here now...thanks for bearing with me.

Ben's last surgery didn't go as well as hoped, and he's currently in a great deal of pain and needs our prayers and support. He is such a sweet, strong little boy.

I am devastated to see Moore, Oklahoma destroyed again. My heart aches for those who are seriously injured and those who lost loved ones. God bless the children, especially, who experienced this horror. I have family and friends volunteering in Oklahoma. I wish so much that I could be there with them. If you plan to donate or volunteer, I hope you'll consider Operation BBQ Relief or Martie Knows Parties who both have food crews in action at ground zero. Contact them for more info. Of course Red Cross and Salvation Army are there also, as well as several other organizations.

I took a short road trip to Georgia to visit a friend a couple weeks ago. I was so darn lucky that I was able to do this on the day that Brian Boitano was in Atlanta signing books. I have greatly admired him for 25 years, and he is such a friendly, lovely man.

Crossing one off the bucket list! Can't believe it!

I was swollen and weak (Indy the rolling walker is cropped out of the photo), but I handled it pretty well I think. What I didn't handle well was the rest of my visit. I spent a couple nights with friends, but wasn't in good shape and had to cut it short. The drive home was a major struggle and a little bit risky, quite frankly. I'm not sure if I could, or should, try to do that again. It was worth it, but it was hard.

On my drive home, I stopped at my favorite little place in Marietta...a French bakery called Douceur de France. I tweeted Alton Brown and asked him what I should order. He doesn't usually reply (he gets so many tweets) but he did this time.

He said he was shooting a show only a mile away....aww! Wish I could have said hello, and I invited him to take a coffee break (ha) but I knew he wouldn't have done that. Can't blame a girl for trying, though. :) He did suggest the almond croissant, and it was great choice. Loved it! And I love him. I appreciate that he took the time to respond.

Speaking of AB, it's time again for Food Network Star! My blog will be an occasional roller coaster of silly Food Network antics for the next two months. Just thought I'd give y'all the heads up on that. Last year's Food Network Star/Team Alton archive can be found here, if you care.

I've been doing poorly since returning home from Georgia. I haven't recovered much at all, to be honest. I'm back to having very short windows of time each day that I'm upright and functional. Otherwise, I'm flat on my back, and occasionally in paralysis. Doing my best to bounce back from it. Life is very challenging when basic necessities (food, sleep, cold, heat, muscle activity) are the enemy.

For those who have asked, my niece Zoey is doing very well. She was treated for Periodic Breathing and slept with a monitor for several weeks. I'm not sure she's still on it, but I know my brother bought an apnea monitor for long term use. This has happened before in the family, but being their first child, it was still quite scary and stressful. But she's okay, and a perfect little princess!

Last but certainly not least, my thoughts are with those who are remembering someone who fought and died for our country on this Memorial Day. God bless our troops and their families always.