Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Funnies: Text From Dog

This made me laugh SO hard!

Check out Text From Dog. Hilarious!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Doctor Who: My Theory On The Pond Finale

This Saturday will be a tearful goodbye to the Doctor's beloved companions, Amy and Rory. What a great couple of characters the Ponds are...very powerful.

Although I have no clue how the finale is going to go down, I've come up with a few theories over the past six weeks. As of now, I've decided that I'm sticking with one of my first intuitions that I wrote down in early August. I'm going to document it here just in case I'm crazy enough to be correct.

After refreshing my memory of the weeping angels' first episode "Blink" from a few years back, as well as watching "The Power of Three" and "The Angels Take Manhattan" trailer today, my final prediction is: 

Amy and Rory will be transported into another dimension on a parallel timeline (the "crack" may or may not be involved), able to live but separated from the Doctor forever. River Song may suffer, but will survive because we know she doesn't die until she meets the 10th Doctor in the library (her life moves in the opposite direction, remember). Brian, Rory's dad, will die. This has to happen, otherwise he would be the Doctor's new companion. Poor Brian is doubt about it.

If (big IF) Amy and Rory are dead at the end of The Angels Take Manhattan, it is because they were transported to the past and died of old age. They won't die young.

So I believe that's it. Amy and Rory will go together to a new dimension, but the Doctor will lose them in the process because their new timelines cannot converge.

I might be wrong about it all, but this is what my gut is telling me. I'll find out soon enough. Too soon, as far as I'm concerned. Love me some Amelia Pond. I'm gonna boohoo like nobody's business, and if a fictional character makes a grown woman in her 30's ugly-cry, you know the production is well done.

Kudos, Karen and Arthur. You will be missed.

Edit Note 10/15/12: My Post-Pond follow-up can be found HERE.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Social Security Appointment

I finally met with Social Security in person today. I was rather pitiful, although that was probably a good thing in this case.

I was on the roller walker and would not have made it without it. Almost needed assistance getting out of the chair, and couldn't handle the lights...had to put on my sunglasses in the middle of the interview. My mother and uncle stepped up on my behalf via telephone as well.

So, fingers crossed. I will share more about the process as it happens.

In other news, no more video blogs for me. Too many creeps on the internet. The last straw was a series of messages from a man who made sexual remarks about my paralysis. Anyone who knows me knows how bad of an idea that is. I don't think it's funny or harmless. I think it is extremely violating, and I hope that person is not really the sicko that he genuinely appeared to be.

It's a messed up world out there.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Aunt Kelli got some news today!

My brother and sister-in-law are having
A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooooooooooooooooooo
excited to have a new niece on the way!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Periodic Paralysis/Muscular Dystrophy Consult

A couple weeks ago, I went back to University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson to meet with the Muscular Dystrophy team. It was a long day, as we didn't travel up there the night before like we usually do. We decided to leave before dawn the day of. I arrived at appointment time, but it was noon before I saw a doctor. Pretty common, really, as it is always packed. Being the only MDA clinic in the state, it's a wonder the crowd isn't larger.

While I was waiting, the MDA advocates came in the room and introduced themselves. The turnover is apparently fairly high, and this is the third set of reps I've met since first going there not even a year and a half ago. They were super, super nice and responded to my questions and concerns as best as they could in the amount of time we had. I had no voice (still don't), which made the day more challenging, but I managed a whisper that most folks could understand.

Dr. W came in and we discussed my recent hospital event. She documented everything I told her, and while she had no solution to my esophageal/vocal cord episodes, she did decide to increase my potassium intake yet again to see if I improved any. She also let me know that my Vitamin D was low, and prescribed 50,000 units a week. It's aggravating that I wasn't told about this six months ago. They waited until my bi-annual evaluation to say "oh by the way" instead of calling me in March with a script. Six months! Incredible drop of the ball there, but I didn't fuss at anybody.

That's pretty much it. No further tests or ideas for improvement, just documentation and experimentation with the meds.

Next trip to Jackson is in November, when I will meet with Dr. F, the Nephrologist/Internal Medicine specialist, for new labs and a consultation.

In other news, I was given a wonderful gift recently...a rolling walker. I am obviously not happy that I need such a thing in my 30's, but it has made life easier and for that I am grateful.

Her name is Indy. Because she's indigo. It's also a play on the Indy 500, because I'm a dork who often finds myself singing "Go Speed Racer" in an attempt to make light of the situation.

Whatever keeps the 'ol sanity in tact, people.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A couple of stupid video blogs

I'm behind on posts here, but I'm trying to catch up. I took this vid a month ago. If you don't have Periodic Paralysis, this isn't going to interest you at all. I'm having an episode of weakness.

Edit Note: Sorry, I blocked all of my videos after receiving some messages on YouTube. I find it really sad that a person can't bring awareness about their condition without some twisted fool talking about sex. I hate creeps and I wish they would all fall off the face of the Earth. That is all.


Here I am today, with vocal cord paralysis. I transcribed below the video.


"Hey it's Kelli. Testing 123. I have no voice at all. I wanted to show everybody, anybody who's interested, in periodic paralysis what happens when the esophagus is affected. I've been having vocal cord paralysis off and on for a little over a year now since about May of 2011. It comes and goes, and this is frustrating. I can strain all I want but nothing comes out. And it gets exhausting to try. There are times when I can keep trying and I'll eventually squeeze something out, but it's very exhausting. Some days are a lot better than others. Sometimes I can carry on a conversation with someone and be fine, but other days are like this and I can't talk at all. I'm sure I'm going to transcribe this so people will actually know what I'm saying. Even in person right now, I can barely whisper. People can hardly tell what I'm saying, even in person. It gets pretty frustrating. Last year I lost my voice for six weeks. I had vocal cord paralysis for exactly six weeks. And that was quite an ordeal. I'm really really hoping that will not be the case this least not this time. I hope not. I'm sorry to those that I have not been able to call. I know I owe several phone calls to some people and I have not been able to do that. But I wanted to let y'all see kinda what happens. You know, if you don't see me in person, then you don't really fully grasp what's going down with me. A lot of people lose their voices. And I was notorious for losing my voice, having laryngitis as a kid and a teenager growing up. And some people can still whisper and squeak out words, but with vocal cord paralysis it's very ify. There are times when I can and times when I absolutely cannot. Yesterday and today I have not been able to speak at all. There's a tiny whisper coming out but it's hard, it's very labored. I've been told this is very rare for Periodic Paralysis...absolutely possible, but doesn't happen terribly often to people so I guess...I'm special. I'm one of those people that has some of the rare side effects. The serious rare side effects with the esophagus. Breathing, swallowing, and speaking are an issue. So anyway, I'm just saying hi with no voice and just wanted I guess to let you see what happens. My esophagus feels like it's that big around, okay, and when this happens it feels like something's stabbing me in the throat and chest. Actually it's all right here. It feels like I'm being stabbed. Sorry. It's difficult. So anyway I'm going to stop trying to do this now because I think I'm making myself a little bit worse. So I'm gonna go. But anyway I wanted to kinda show y'all what's up with this and hopefully it will improve very soon. Talk to you later, bye."

(Cross posted to The Fight Against Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Server Down

Well, I didn't see this coming. My web host got hit by the hacker group Anonymous. My domain is currently kaput. No big deal since it is only a gateway, but at any rate I do hope it will be back up and running again soon.

Many of you will not even notice, since you follow my blog directly. Just an FYI that you can't get through on the main URL right now.

I'm sure it will be resolved soon. No sleep lost. In fact, I'm on my way to a nap. I'll post a real blog entry soon.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dauphin Island Lunch, and Dinner In Mobile

I am super happy to be able to drive several days a week right now. I was telling friends at dinner tonight that I pretty much define how well I'm doing, physically speaking, by whether or not I can leave the house on my own and go where I want to go. These days, it takes tremendous effort and is a real accomplishment when I come and go successfully (meaning without triggering an HKPP decline). Today was one of those days, and I'm very grateful.

I was antsy upon getting out of bed this morning, in spite of the usual weakness. I got in the car intending to go to the nearest souvenir shop for postcards (to send to a friend in Cali) and ended up making the spontaneous decision to drive to Dauphin Island instead.

It was a gorgeous, partly cloudy day.
Dauphin is pronounced DAW-fin.
It's French for the masculine word "dolphin".
It used to be the feminine word Dauphine (Daw-FEEN),
but the "E" was dropped and now it sounds Alabamafied.
I'm glad we had this talk.

I don't live far from the Island, mind you, but I had not been there in four years. I'm ashamed to say that. It's a lovely little seafood community, and a nice escape for anyone who wants to visit a beach town without being smothered by tourists or publicity. It's a very friendly, quiet getaway.

I went to the Lighthouse Bakery on the west end, and had the special on a large, fresh croissant. I don't have a photo of my lunch because I fail miserably at impromptu food reviews. It was a good sandwich, though, and the sweet tea was wonderful. My antsy feelings gone, my sanity was saved.

I will neither confirm nor deny obtaining pastries for later consumption in the privacy of my home.

Fast-forward six hours. Evening approached, and I met friends Stuart and Chelsea at True Midtown Kitchen for dinner. People, I am not kidding you when I say RUN, don't walk. It was amazing.

We started out with appetizers, including a block of cream cheese with red pepper jelly and whole grain crackers. The cream cheese was smooth as silk, and the jelly was the perfect balance of sweet and heat.

We also had boudin balls! I am French, live on the Gulf Coast, and have been in existence for 35 years, but I had never had boudin until this night. I am such a lowsy Cajun. They were flavorful. Party in your mouth. Don't miss out if you get the opportunity to try 'em sometime.

My dinner...BBQ Shrimp & Grits

I cannot put into words how Heavenly this was. My statement upon the first bite was "Oh my God. Lord, take me now." It is serious comfort food. Packed with a variety of flavors and textures and the smoothness of the polenta in roux...mercy. It was out of this world. I have had shrimp and grits before, but nothing comes close to this. NOTHING. It is my new favorite dish in the entire city of Mobile (that's "Mo-BEEL", not the word "mobile"). For the love of all that is right and good and holy in this world, order it!

Everyone at both Lighthouse Bakery and True Midtown Kitchen were sweet as can be. I love it when people like their job and do it well. Thank you, Mobile County, for a good day all-around.

I'm now home in my pajamas, recovering from this much needed outing with great food and great friends. Not taking a minute for granted, I assure you.