I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be,
but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.
— Douglas Pagels

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012, Good Riddance. 2013, I'm coming after you.

I can't believe New Years Eve is finally here. Whereas many years seem to fly by, this one has dragged relentlessly. In fact, the last two years have felt like ten. Hard to believe, but I have been blogging for over ten years now, and I have made and assessed a list of goals (resolutions, if you wish to call them that) every NYE. Facing one of the most difficult and emotional Decembers of my life, I considered bypassing the tradition. I debated on it for days, and decided that the only way I can move forward into a new year is to, for lack of a better phrase, "keep calm and carry on".

So here I am to assess my 2012 goals. I know it will be somewhat painful, but worth reviewing so that I can effectively create new goals for 2013. And away we go...

Assessment - 2012 Goals:

1. Wrap up my time at MGCCC and successfully (FINALLY, PLEASE) move on to university.

- Wrapped up MGCCC on the President's List, but was forced to drop out right after I applied to university, due to having to file for Social Security.

2. Publish my first eBook.

- It isn't finished but it IS in progress.

3. Return to teaching and working, God willing.

- Nope. Devastated.

4. Complete all art, craft, and charity projects currently pending or in progress.

- Hahaha...no. Not even close.

5. Become more organized in my home and daily life.

- HAHAHAHAHA. Ok seriously, I am working on this and I have made great progress, but it is taking time. It has been a rough year on the homefront, needless to say.

6. If I start something...no matter what it is...finish it!

- I was sporadically successful, but I still have unfinished projects in progress. They WILL be completed.

And now, my 2013 Goals:

1. Scoff all you want at me for following the crowd, but I need to lose weight. I have gained too much, and while I don't qualify as "obese" yet, the 15lbs I have gained is adversely affecting my health. I must find a way to put a stop to the gaining and take off the extra pounds in spite of not being able to exercise.

2. Overhaul my computer, including but not limited to better organization of all files and folders. This is already in progress, but it's going to be quite a task.

3. Sort through all belongings and get rid of anything not needed or used regularly. I have too much trouble letting go of worthless little things. No, I do not belong on the TV show "Hoarders"...LOL...but I do need to improve upon this.

4. Exhaust all possibilities with the government concerning SSI, college, etc. If they refuse to allow me to finish my degrees, regroup and seek counsel in figuring out a new plan for survival.

5. Utilize the textbooks, DVDs, and other tutorials I have obtained over the past year.

6. Complete, or at least put a massive dent in, all unfinished art and writing projects.

And as always, I have four goals that I call "Mainstays", because they are the same every year:

7. No-Brainer of the century - don't croak! Ha! I have to get this condition under control somehow.

8. Stay involved in one or more charities. It gives me a reason to live.

9. Read more, write more, and learn more. Will elaborate on this later.

10. Be a good friend/relative, and strive to improve myself every day. I need to spend less time on people who don't give a damn about me, and more time on people who do.

I will hold myself accountable, and blog about some of these goals throughout the year. My list isn't terribly exciting...it rarely is. I have to choose my battles carefully. None of them are easy, but they are practical, possible, and worth the effort.

I'm trying my best to press on and make the coming year better than the last. To all of my readers out there, have a safe, productive, healthy, and happy 2013.

Let's do this.