Thursday, November 29, 2012

If I had won the lotto

Had you won last night's huge lottery, what are the first five things you would have done with the money?

I would have compensated and/or paid back the family and friends who helped me when I needed it most

I would have gotten out of debt, forever

I would have ordered a small, custom-built Zook cabin and put it somewhere on the Florida Coast

I would have returned to college online for a kick-butt PhD

And I would have bought everybody a water buffalo. :)

That's my lead-in to encouraging everyone to consider charitable giving this holiday season, in addition to or in lieu of the newest popular thing or stocking stuffers that may very well end up collecting dust in a closet. I strongly believe that if you're going to invest in something, make it count.

Thanks for reading.

(Cross-posted to my charity blog)