Saturday, September 22, 2012

Social Security Appointment

I finally met with Social Security in person today. I was rather pitiful, although that was probably a good thing in this case.

I was on the roller walker and would not have made it without it. Almost needed assistance getting out of the chair, and couldn't handle the lights...had to put on my sunglasses in the middle of the interview. My mother and uncle stepped up on my behalf via telephone as well.

So, fingers crossed. I will share more about the process as it happens.

In other news, no more video blogs for me. Too many creeps on the internet. The last straw was a series of messages from a man who made sexual remarks about my paralysis. Anyone who knows me knows how bad of an idea that is. I don't think it's funny or harmless. I think it is extremely violating, and I hope that person is not really the sicko that he genuinely appeared to be.

It's a messed up world out there.