Sunday, September 23, 2012

Doctor Who: My Theory On The Pond Finale

This Saturday will be a tearful goodbye to the Doctor's beloved companions, Amy and Rory. What a great couple of characters the Ponds are...very powerful.

Although I have no clue how the finale is going to go down, I've come up with a few theories over the past six weeks. As of now, I've decided that I'm sticking with one of my first intuitions that I wrote down in early August. I'm going to document it here just in case I'm crazy enough to be correct.

After refreshing my memory of the weeping angels' first episode "Blink" from a few years back, as well as watching "The Power of Three" and "The Angels Take Manhattan" trailer today, my final prediction is: 

Amy and Rory will be transported into another dimension on a parallel timeline (the "crack" may or may not be involved), able to live but separated from the Doctor forever. River Song may suffer, but will survive because we know she doesn't die until she meets the 10th Doctor in the library (her life moves in the opposite direction, remember). Brian, Rory's dad, will die. This has to happen, otherwise he would be the Doctor's new companion. Poor Brian is doubt about it.

If (big IF) Amy and Rory are dead at the end of The Angels Take Manhattan, it is because they were transported to the past and died of old age. They won't die young.

So I believe that's it. Amy and Rory will go together to a new dimension, but the Doctor will lose them in the process because their new timelines cannot converge.

I might be wrong about it all, but this is what my gut is telling me. I'll find out soon enough. Too soon, as far as I'm concerned. Love me some Amelia Pond. I'm gonna boohoo like nobody's business, and if a fictional character makes a grown woman in her 30's ugly-cry, you know the production is well done.

Kudos, Karen and Arthur. You will be missed.

Edit Note 10/15/12: My Post-Pond follow-up can be found HERE.