Monday, August 27, 2012

Testing via text message. Blah blah blah. HOWDY! Isaac has shifted but is still headed my way. I will be on the wors

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EDIT NOTE: So that was me testing the blog from my phone. There is a significant character limit, as you can see. Boohiss.

At any rate, what I said was that Isaac has shifted and I will be on the worst side of the storm. However, I believe I will be fine. I am mostly nervous for my family and friends in severe flood zones. Where I am concerned, the only issue is what the barometric pressure will do to my body. It is a terrible trigger of HKPP episodes, and seeing as I've been having serious episodes lately, I'm a bit concerned about my breathing, swallowing, etc. I'm stocked up on potassium, so that's all I can do. I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

This storm is taking an almost identical path to Hurricane Katrina, and oddly enough, it will arrive on Katrina's seven year anniversary.

Please pray for the Gulf Coast to have minimal damage.

Thanks! Talk to you soon.