Monday, August 13, 2012

Random Ramblings

I want to catch up on blogging, but there are so many things I should be doing that are more important. So, I haven't been blogging much.

The Olympics were pretty awesome. Team USA, you made me proud.

Now that the Olympics are over, I'll be changing the channel back to Food Network.

I'm upset that I'm not starting back to college next week. I'm mad that I worked so hard to get a degree and now I'm being denied the chance to make a life for myself because of my disability. I cope well some days, other days not so much. I've been pretty depressed lately. Angry.

I told myself that I would regroup this week by trying to get organized and get some things accomplished around the house. It is difficult, but I'm finally seeing a tiny bit of progress.

I, non-fiction nerd extraordinaire, have fallen head over heels in love with a fiction TV show. That is a very rare occurrence for me. I will blog about it soon.

I'm thankful that I can drive several days a week at the moment. I don't take it for granted. I have one heck of a farmer's tan, though, due to the summer sun roasting me like a turkey while I'm in my car.

I still end up flat on my back every day in spite of being somewhat functional for a few hours. I don't know how to balance my activities to avoid crashing. I'm not sure there is a solution. I'm just talking about completing basic every day tasks here...stuff that has to be done. It's not like I'm running around like a mad woman. I'd just like to be able to take a shower, cook, clean, and go out in public without my senses screaming or muscles melting down...please and thank you.

Evangelist Billy Graham is in the hospital. I love that wonderful man and I wish he could live another 93 years.

I went shopping for rolling walkers last week. They're expensive. I didn't buy one, but I know I need to get one eventually. Have I mentioned that I've only been on the Earth for 35 years?

Social Security just now processed my new application, and they are already pissing me off with their careless incompetence. I'm going to try to have a respectable conversation with them tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I have REO Speedwagon on repeat in the CD player. It's all I've listened to for days.

I hope and pray I can get around well enough to take a couple of road trips later this year. I want to go back to Marietta, as well as attend an aunt's wedding reception on the LA/TX state line. Fingers crossed that I can do this somehow, whether it's hitching a ride or whatever else it takes.

Speaking of road trips, I removed the blog entry about the Periodic Paralysis convention, but the ChipIn is still active on the right side of my blog. I am not comfortable asking for donations, but set it up by request of friends who want to help me get there next year. Visit it, ignore it, do with it as you wish. Thank you kindly.

I've completely derailed on my diet. Derailed, crashed, and burned to an unrecognizable degree. My to-do list includes sorting through my freezer and pantry and getting back on track with a daily meal plan and schedule. I don't know why this is so challenging for me, but it is. I will win, somehow. Stubborn you read me? Come in, Stubborn Kelli. Please.

I'm disappointed in many of the charities that I emailed. They just aren't responding even though they told me they would, but I can't wait any longer. I will proceed with my eBook without them.

Baby Jo went on her first flight this week. Big girl! In other news, her Aunt Kelli has never even been on a plane. Sheesh.

Speaking of planes, I'll be posting my bucket list soon. Stay tuned.

Everybody on the interwebs is welcome to follow me on Pinterest!

Back to the hospital in three weeks. Some hope would be nice.