Sunday, August 19, 2012

Martie Duncan's AL Restaurant Tour

It's Alabama Restaurant Week, and Martie Duncan of Food Network Star is currently touring the great state to sample dishes at our many fabulous local restaurants. She invited us along, and I was so thankful to have been able to join her at one of the locations! We had a great time!

Martie keeping everybody on Facebook and Twitter in the loop while Caroline from Alabama Tourism helps everyone prepare to dig into this wonderful fried seafood platter!

Chef Stuart Donald of Wannabe TV Chef was there! So cool to meet him, and he is definitely the guru of all things food and food television. Super sweet, too!

Wintzell's amazing gumbo!

Wintzell's "life-changing" bread pudding!

Martie & Me

Martie with Chelsea, who is a rockin' culinary student! I met her on Twitter literally minutes before meeting her in person. Social networking is a pretty awesome thing! Best wishes, Chelsea!

The whole gang!

My crutches were within my reach, if anybody was wondering. I try to let them go for pictures, especially if I intend to have my arm around somebody. I'm not used to having cane in both hands so I'm still trying to figure this kinda stuff out.

Everyone was fabulous, and it was a fun, much needed outing for me. It's hard to believe that I've only known Martie a month. She is exactly as I expected...a very grounded, funny, genuine Alabama girl who feels like family from the moment you meet her. Truly the life of the party! Food Network would be doing themselves a favor by bringing her on board. Honestly...they're crazy if they don't. They will be hearing from me about this again. Fair warning, FN! :-)

Thanks everyone for your kindness. I had a blast!