Friday, July 20, 2012

The Theater Massacre: My Thoughts

As usual, I couldn't sleep, so I gave up and got back online early this morning to find my Twitter feed inundated with the horrendous news of a killing spree at a midnight Batman showing in Colorado. A dozen dead and dozens more injured, including children, this unfathomable act was done by one man...a 24 year old college dropout who had been pursuing his Masters in Neuroscience. Being somewhat familiar with the subject due to living with Neuromuscular disease, I can't help but wonder what this young man could have accomplished someday on behalf of people like me. Perhaps he could have done great things. God only knows what his real purpose on Earth was, but it is over now. He ruined his own life and the lives of dozens, hundreds, thousands...we will never know the impact on all who are affected.

This happened only half a day ago, and I have already seen people blame theaters, blame parents for taking their kids to the theater, blame Obama, blame the "tea party", blame religion, blame the existence of guns, blame his "liberal college education", and the list goes on. I imagine by the end of the day, I'll see fingers pointed at comic books, cartoons, video games, movie makers, God, and Batman himself.

Yes, let's criticize the victims, because everybody knows there are mass murderers lurking in theaters at 12AM. People shouldn't be allowed to go die there - how irresponsible of them. That is my angry, sarcastic response to the idiotic media, who thrives on twisting everything into a conspiracy.

How about we blame the only one responsible...the guy who secretly planned and successfully executed this BS. Those who have used this tragedy to further spew their political agendas need to be punched in the face. This was a single, pre-meditated act caused by one very psychotic man. Nothing else.

I pray with all my heart for healing, comfort, and peace to the victims and their loved ones.

And I will not let one demented soul stop me from supporting the Arts.