Sunday, July 22, 2012


The votes for Food Network Star are in and the winner is set in stone. America will find out who wins a show tonight. And guess what? I'm going to Birmingham! YES!

I have such sweet friends. I can't make the trip on my own in this condition, but I told a friend about Martie's viewing party in case she was able to go on both our behalf. While I live on the Coast, about five hours away, she only lives an hour and a half from the 'Ham. Her response? "Not without you." So...Midori the Gypsymobile and I are hitting the road to Montgomery, and my friend will take over from there. If anybody sees this today (who actually reads this nonsense anyway?), traveling mercies would be most appreciated.

Good Lord, that's not even what this entry is about. Back on track, Rambling Rosie.

The Food Network blog is pretty entertaining. On more than one occasion, I've cracked up at the poll questions and comments that people post in response. Yesterday's was no exception. In fact, it was the funniest one so far.

Before I even saw the results, I exploded into manic cackling at the impending doom of two of the mentors which shall remain respectfully unnamed. I may or may not have said out loud to no one in particular "Oh Good Heavens, THIS is going to be BAD."
(As the audience replies in unison "HOW BAD IS IT?")



Baaaahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa! *gasp*

Elle-oh-elle forever, Food Network. As if you didn't know.

Thanks for the laughs. 

Now give us what we want, please and thank you.