Friday, July 6, 2012

Dear Child of the Night

I have a tracker on my charity blog that shows me the path in which someone found it. This lets me know where people are coming from, and sometimes why. I think it's important for the purpose of networking, to know what kind of audience is out there and what they're looking for.

I woke up from a nap, and found this:

My heart aches. Someone from Thailand clicked on this blog entry after a Google search concerning recruiting young people in joining him/her as a "child of the night". Thailand has an extremely high rate of child prostitution and trafficking, and my blog was found because I promoted Children of the Night, a non-profit organization that rescues young people from the chains of child prostitution.

This search disturbs me deeply...there are no words. However, I have to say I am glad that my blog was the #1 search result. Imagine what it could have been: recruiting tutorials, trafficking sites, child porn? Instead, this person found my little bitty blog first. I think that's definitely a God thing.

To all children of the night, I would beg you to realize your true value in this world. I would tell you how God created you to be more than what you have fallen into, and that you do not deserve to suffer from an unspeakable life of torture, shame, and pain. I would urge you to seek a safe haven...somewhere...anywhere...and escape to a new future. You can do this. You are strong. Love yourself enough to get away from this vicious cycle of abuse. Break the chains. Do it for you. You are worth it.

I hope and pray the child who stumbled upon that blog entry read about Children of the Night, and is miraculously no longer moved by fear to recruit, but somehow finds the courage to be free.