Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rough Tuesday

I had tests and another consult with Nephrology/Internal Medicine today. I became suddenly ill and almost passed out in the car on the way up to Jackson. I haven't been able to walk without human assistance since. My right side is aching so I guess it's a kidney stone. Dr. F didn't flinch when I told him about it, probably because I've passed so many.

Concerning my current condition, he concluded the same as the MDA clinic, with nothing else significant noted in labs except chronic Nephrolithisis that I'm already taking potassium for. He shrugged off my argument that I'm in an abortive attack and didn't consider an IV even though oral meds haven't worked in a year. He doubled the Inspra in an attempt to raise my K+ level, but that's all he wants to do for now. I don't see him again until November.