Saturday, January 28, 2012

In better news...

School is going very well. I'm 6 1/2 weeks ahead in Algebra, 2 1/2 weeks ahead in World Lit, 1 week ahead in Health, and right on time in Sociology. I am so glad that I have competent, organized online instructors this semester...woohoo!!! Three of the four have allowed us to work ahead a bit, so I've done that. I have an A in World Lit and Health, no grade in Sociology yet (it's moving slowly), and a B in Algebra. Anybody who knows me knows how much I struggle with Algebra. I do well in almost every other class out there, but math has always been and will always be my Achilles' heel.

Math is for the left-brainers. Not for Kelli.
I've come to the conclusion that I was meant to be monolingual.
My brain has enough room for English, and that's pretty much it.
Sorry, folks.

In a leap of faith, I've gotten back on the Saturday schedule at Hobby Lobby. Mind you, I am getting around on two canes that I use as crutches, and I have yet to complete a painting since my serious episodes of HKPP, but some of my students have agreed to an "open studio" where I will host and advise as they paint whatever they want. I will be sitting there at the table with them and (hopefully) demonstrating the technique. A few have signed up, including a friend who is making a three hour drive down here, so I had better be able to make it there. I am hoping to paint with them but I'm not going to hold my breath on that. I will give it another shot tomorrow, though.

I've got a friend who offered to take photos of some of my work...just have to find a day where I can get it all to her. It will be helpful to have actual professional photos of some of my paintings, so I can finally start selling prints.

My eBook is coming along, albeit, very slowly. I've made another appeal to the masses who received my initial email to respond asap before I drop them. Many of the charities have visited my website, so I know they're at least paying attention. I've said all I can say,'s up to them to allow me to feature them in the book. I will send out another 40 or 60 emails in February. Really hoping to reach my goal of featuring 100 great charities, but it looks like it may be much smaller. We'll see.