Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Day of Coincidences

College is upon me once again. I will be a Junior this year, and I can't wait to officially dive into my major. I was telling a friend that I wish I had been able to keep my Intro to Psychology textbook (from Psych 101 a year ago) because I liked it that much.

Would you believe I went to pick up my books for the new semester today, and that very textbook was on the "FREE" table outside the campus bookstore?

Before leaving the house to visit the campus, I shared this article on Facebook and in reference to it, I said "By the way, I'd be the one who mispronounced "Goethe". I am notorious for mispronouncing words." (Goethe is a word that I've seen before, but have never heard it so I am sure I would say it wrong. I'm bad about doing that.)

Anyway, when I arrived home with my textbooks, I found this on the back cover of World Lit!

Somebody cue the Twilight Zone theme. It's been one of those days...