Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Algebra Chronicles (Part 1)


Ah, I am so very happy to be finished with my first (of four) math classes. Anybody who knows me knows that math is my Achilles' heel to an epic degree.

The course started out well. I made an A and a couple of B's. Was feeling pretty good about that:

Then I nosedived, and things got scary:

(Thank God the practice tests didn't count towards my grade. I would have failed miserably.)

That 73 was once a 61. The instructor reset everyone's test and we took it over. Boy was that a lucky break!

The final had me very nervous, considering that I failed the first practice test and got a C on the 2nd one. Miraculously, I managed to get a B on the real test! That helped pull my grade back up and I ended up with an overall B+ in the course. Woo!!!

It's my first non-A at MGCCC, but I am MORE than happy to accept a B in ANY math class! I'm taking that B and running like the wind. That is, until January...when I start the next level of Algebra. *SHUDDERS*

I'll be so glad when I'm finished with math so I can focus on Psychology and History again. I realize it's all a part of the process, though. I'm going to continue to do my best and try not to stress (<-yeah right)! :)