Sunday, November 27, 2011

Where I am today

It's no surprise, really. The past few days have been fairly productive for me. By the time I returned home from my brother's house last night, I knew what was coming. Turns out, I was having heart arrhythmia as a result of my potassium level shifting downward. I'm having mild paralysis, and now I'm too weak to drive.

I'm bummed because my Kansas City family is still in town, except one of my cousins who is flying out today. Tyler was my side-kick/teaching assistant/cooking buddy a few years ago...we used to hang out every weekend. Now that he has grown up and lives and works in Kansas City, I see him once a year at Thanksgiving. At the risk of sounding over-dramatic, I feel like part of my heart lives 860 miles away. Such a great kid (who's not a kid anymore...God, I'm old).

So today will be spent in bed. It's better than spending it in a hospital, on the street, or worse, however. By a mile. I will choose to be thankful always, even in the midst of pain.